Zero Cost Commissions

Zero Cost CommissionsZero Cost Commissions by Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta is an affiliate marketing course that consists of a 100-page guide, video tutorials and software to go with it.

This course is the first product of these authors, but they are not new to Internet Marketing. On the contrary, they have launched a number of Clickbank products in other niches as well as have been promoting products as affiliates. In Zero Cost Commissions they have combined all their knowledge from all of their real life campaigns.

The guide shows how to make money as an affiliate by using free traffic and building a list. It is accompanied with step by step tutorials that explain in detail how different strategies work. The software included in the package automates some of the tasks.

The strategies covered are traffic generation, SEO and link building, list building and email marketing, as well as how they fit together in affiliate marketing.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or want to improve your affiliate campaigns, Zero Cost Commissions might be worth a shot.

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23 thoughts on “Zero Cost Commissions”

  1. Total rip off. not as advertised. just a gloryfied article submitter that you can do yourself. zero automation.
    and hard sell on additional products. do not buy unless you wish to waste your money. 2 EMAILS SENT TO REQUEST REFUND NO REPLY…………………….

  2. I purchased this product and have been unable to read anything and have contacted the vendors but not even received the courtesy of a reply. I downloaded and unzipped the files and tried downloading them directly from the sales receipt page, but still cannot read anything. Any product is only as good as the people actually selling it and to receive no reply at all to my queries does not inspire me at all.

  3. Ditto. Very unhappy with the product, nothing new here.

    I hate to say it but I was dumb enough to purchase an upsell product which had a bad link so after one week I still have not been able to download it.

    No reply from their support desk, not even an autoresponder email. Hope I can get all my money back.

  4. @Don

    Rightly said,this product has nothing new to offer.And as for their so called mysterious “automation tool”that was supposed to relieve us some of the hard work,turns out to be a total crap.I am requesting for a refund now.

  5. Just checking to see if this is a real site that lets real people post. The internet is getting dirtier and dirtier as time goes by. Anything I have bought as an affiliate in the past was garbage. I just gave up on it. I do not want to sell people a waste of time and money.

  6. I’ve not checked out this product, but have a feeling it will be a rip off – although, don’t take my word for it, try it out and get a refund if you want to be sure.

    I can’t remember the last time I paid money for a program that makes you money online…and works. Maybe that’s because, it’s never!

    I appreciate that you are letting people comment here freely – you deserve credit for this 🙂

    Out of interest – have you tried the product, and if so what did you think of it?

  7. I must say I was very disappointed with the product.. First off I downloaded the file 5 times and kept getting an error message -missing files.. contact product vendors… I sent and email to support 3 times.. never received a response.. Finally got fed up and contacted clickbank for a refund.. It’s a shame that these guys released their first product but failed to realize the it’s important to have and excellent customer service dept.. that kind of makes up for the product imperfections…I would never purchase anything from these guys again…

  8. I am SO GLAD I found this site and read these reviews. I just sat thru the video presentation of this program, and have to admit it ‘looked and sounded’ aweseome, but I have already LOST close to 20,000.00 since 2004 trying program after program for Affiliate Marketing. Yes, that’s close to 20 grand I have LOST. I NEED to start making money NOW to get all that back. If anyone finds a program that actually KEEPS IT’S PROMISES AND WORKS, please let me know. I am currently checking out Google Sniper. It looks promising.

  9. I almost pulled out my credit card to buy ZCC after sitting through the video pitch and sales letter. After going with my gut feeling that it sounded too good to be true, I Googled for more info and sure enough there were plenty of reviews by affiliates marketing the product, but no real testimonials with actual verifiable results.

    If one reads ZCC’s earnings disclaimer, one would get a noticeably different tone than what the sales letter and video portray about the product.

    It’s a shame that many affiliates market products to their lists and the public without first buying them and putting them to the test to see if it’s in fact worth marketing. Unfortunately, in this economy there will be plenty of unscrupulous products being pitched and sold to an unsuspecting public.

    Apparently, the jury is still out on this product. You figure they’d be prepared to handle the bugs, kinks, and customer service issues before releasing it. Fortunately, Clickbank is known for handling customer refund requests efficiently.

    I appreciate the opportunity to leave a comment.

  10. I paid $37, haven’t received any product or mails from them. I asked them to return my money back two times, and have no answers. It is a scam!!!!!!!

  11. My friend and I have been trying to make money online, and we have tried it all and lost alot.
    is there anything real out there?

    please help.

  12. In the salespitch they say that it has nothing to do with article writing or email marketing, but the content on this page says otherwise. Is it really just an article submitter?

  13. Guys

    Please don’t waste your money. This products sucks so bad. I am pretty disappointed some of the big marketers are pushing this just make a few quick bucks. I am a full time affiliate marketers and I do buy ebooks time to time and some of them usually have some new info or tip that I find very useful.

    Where as ZERO COST COMMISSION is total bullshit. The ebook is just fluff that talks about affiliate marketing and how to find keywords and do SEO. ( Yes I know they mentioned on their sales letter otherwise ). It should have been marketed as an ebook about affiliate marketing for DUMMIES. The software is just an submitter that lets you setup wordpress and do some SEO, which you can do with just any simple wordpress plugin.

    I usually don’t write reviews or take part in discussions, but after seeing this I wanted to post it here and let people know not to buy. You will be wasting your money.

    It’s sad in this economy when lot of people are struggling, these big guys screwing them out of the last penny.
    its a shame.

    Admin of this page does deserve a BIG CREDIT for leaving users honest comments in tacked.


    Ps: Clickbank does offer full refund, just send them the refund request and Clickbank will process with in 2 or 3 business days.

  14. Thanks guys for your comments. I will not buy. I have bought a number of products via clickbank that were crap but I just ask clickbank for a refund and I get it every time. I will not stand for bad products or overated bulls**t.


  15. I read all of the above comments and understand some of the concern.

    I bought this product and at 1st was a bit confused as to what I was supposed to do first. As stated above, the sales copy is very miss-leading as to what you are getting with words like “auto-pilot” and “24/7″ and then all of the up-sells immediately after purchasing. (I believe there were 3 in total but I didn’t pay much attention to what they were trying to sell because I had no interest. I just wanted to see the product I bought.)

    With that being said, for the price tag of $27 (which I got after trying to close the window..hint…hint) I was happy with what I got. The e-book was very informative on how to go about affiliate marketing. It will be too basic for anyone that has been around the internet but for a newbie looking to understand internet marketing and affiliate marketing it is def worth the $27.

    The software that comes with it is pretty cool in the way it helps you put together a very thorough review of whatever product you will be promoting and sets it up directly to the blog you set up w/ the plug-ins you need.

    The thing about coming online to make money is there are definitely many different programs out there that leave you with nothing but broken promises and a feeling of being had.

    As I stated, Zero Cost Commissions is miss-leading with their sales letter but in my opinion is not a scam. Just another “make money online” product that “HYPED” up their sales pitched a way too much.

    If you are a person looking for some info to make money overnight and always end up buying into products thinking that will happen then I would suggest you go back to working a 9-5.

    Success in any business is going to come over time by learning and implementing what you learn on a consistent basis. The problem being that most that come online aren’t willing to put in the work and are looking for “instant gratification”!

    In Success,
    Howie Perks

  16. Hi everyone.

    If you look closely you will see that they constantly misspell ZCC as ZZC in their images 6 times! I may be nit picking but every time I buy anything like this I go through that sales page with a toothpick, then I search for real review websites such as this.

    A lack of attention to detail doesn’t inspire my confidence. I was slightly tempted to give it a go until I saw the comments here. No thanks, it smells like a pair of bandits out to make a quick buck.

  17. I think internet marketing is just a waste of time. Ive tried many things that don’t work….I think if you want to make money find wholesale lots like etc… and buy bulks of stuff and sell it on eBay. To be honest I don’t have a problem with making money on eBay and you can make quite a bit if you really wanted to. Don’t waste your time on junk that doesn’t work… Just my thoughts, You don’t have to agree just trying to be helpful.
    Take care guys 😀

  18. i have gotten mail from this man before an wanna to try the program but were affaid to now i do wish i had been affaid now cause lost $39.95 on jan 31 2012 an i also call a number but got nothing about what i need to hear about i were trying to see about all this free stuff well now i found out free stuff were a rip off you only get get a icpx software that you have to down load ,an it goes from there to getting an web site an a domain name an on on man this is really crazy ,so please do not do this please so if any one get an adreess for these peoples please post it please


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