April 2010


Illustration: Personal QuestionRecently I’ve made a post about how to make money by giving away the best you’ve got and the key thing in this method is having to offer something that your target market wants. But do you know what they want?

If you know, that’s great, but it’s not always the most obvious thing and doing your research might be necessary. Furthermore, by researching their wants you may find opportunities you didn’t know about. So how to go about finding what your target market wants?

Google has updated the Webmaster Tools and the main focus of this update is search query data. Specifically, it now gives access to all search queries that your websites appear for in the organic search listings as well as the impression and CTR data for them. That’s a huge amount of information that is close to what you get in Adwords for your PPC campaigns.

So what that means to us Internet marketers? Until now, we only had broad estimates of click through rates we had from the SERPs, and only if we ran PPC campaigns for the same keywords could we have had more accurate data. Regardless of that, we had no ability to see the exact CTR nor properly test our listing copy for improvement.

Rapid RewriterRapid Rewriter is an article spinning software that helps you to churn out hundreds of articles in perfect English to be submitted to article directories. It is created not to be just another article spinner, but to provide a new and unique way to spin articles.

CB PredatorCB Predator is an automation software for Clickbank affiliates that creates an affiliate website and affiliate pages for Clickbank products 99% automatically (with just about 18 clicks). The result websites are search engine optimized to attract long tail traffic.