Why You Should Stop Relying on Google

It’s time to forget the notion of starting a website by ranking it on Google once and for all. For years this method used to be the golden goose for Internet marketers. You throw together a site, not necessarily a good one, point some links its way using a desired anchor text and voilà, you have a ranking site that gets traffic and makes money.

Over the past year Google has fought a fierce battle against this manipulation, not without collateral damage of completely genuine sites getting hit. It’s become increasingly complicated to rank a new site, much less maintain a ranking for a length of time.

Therefore, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy if you have relied on Google. Some marketers won’t give up and will tell you to keep your techniques up to date and continue grinding away. But how long will we have to waste effort and talent on simply spamming Google?

Look, if you have a great idea for a website that you believe will help people, that will satisfy a market demand, you do not need Google. Outrageous thought to those who where though from the beginning that it’s the only way to go, but this is the most basic marketing which says that you cannot succeed if you do not have anything to offer to the market.

In other words, it’s not Google that makes your site a success, it’s value that your site has to offer to its visitors. And when you have that, and people want to visit your site again and again (or buy your products and services) there’s myriad of other marketing methods you can use (such as JVs, communities or even good old banner advertising).

Consider for example WSOs at the Warrior Forum. Many marketers have made a living off them, but none have gone to promote them by building links – that’s not how it works. First, you satisfy a need of the WF community by creating a WSO, then you offer it to them. You do even better if you partner up with someone who has experience and a buyers list.

The guru model works similarly with product launches. Is it not ironic, then, that the very people who tell us that Google manipulation is the way to go do quite the opposite themselves?

This was always the case even when it was easy to rank on Google. Now that it’s not, we might as well start relying on sound marketing methods that will work for years to come, not just until the next Google update.

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Relying on Google”

  1. This is good advice, too many people have relied totally on Google and in any business, to rely on just one source to produce 100% of your customers is a recipe for disaster. Obviously if you can get Google on your side then you’d be foolish not to use them, but you should never put all your eggs in one basket. I have always used a multitude of sources to keep my customer stream steady including viral marketing, direct mail, banner advertising, CPA, solo ads, Bing & FaceBook ads etc to name a few of the better-known ones. The bottom line is never rely on just one source of customers as you never know what might be round the corner.

    • Thanks for the comment. That’s very true. And if you can’t use other methods to get traffic to your site, well, that’s the point, if you start a customer oriented site based around value, it should not be a problem.

  2. I have spent years watching the Warrior Forum and especially the WSO’s being offered. I’ve spent a lot of time and money purchasing the programs and for almost 95% of the WSO’s purchased, I have returned them within the 30-60 day time period. Why? I am not cheap. I believe in paying for a product… if the product adds value.

    What I have found regarding the WF is simple. You have a VERY SMALL group of original thinkers who actually know how to make money online and they actually are making great money creating affiliate websites, blogs, email campaigns (sorry P….), CPA, PTC, video marketing, coaching, and more.

    These few leaders write great books, create a few great training videos, and provide coaching. All of the other WSO creators are simply copy-cats. These bulk copy cat gurus, have no idea how to run a real CPA campaign, nor do they have one affiliate website (that makes money), nor do they know how to really use a mailing list for education or to help people earn REAL money. They exist only to find old WSO offerings, and re-purpose these old offerings into new and shining, get it now, smoke in mirrors campaigns.

    Has anyone every make real money with these WSO’s? The money is in training…. it has been this way for centuries. Typically people who can create a hyped training program, with good looking actors, and the best visuals… they make the money!

    Sorry WF gurus. I challenge the WF to show me the success rate of the programs offered over the past 2 years. Also, show me originality? Do you ever wonder why the programs seem to launch with similar titles?

    I keep a list of WSO offerings, and I have found that over the years the programs resurface as repackaged, similarly names, new, great programs. I think the future will include a new breed of Internet Marketers who are proud to develop programs, and actually create NEW programs to help others make money off of their life passions.

    Let’s give a thumbs up to a NEW era of fresh, caring, helpful IM mentors!

  3. Good advice.This really made me think.I have to reconsider my plan regarding my website The Idiotspace.No, i am not going against what youhave just said.If you want to check it out, simply click on my name.Sereiously i have common sense.What good will a few clicks from spamming sites do my website and it’s reputation?

    Anyway, this is great stuff.I will have to reconsider the way my website works and i have to feature more stuff that actually makes people’s lives better.

    Good article.



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