About This Blog

Hello, my name is Saul, and I’ve been involved in online business since 2004. I entered the field while still in university and have never held a traditional job—a fact I take great pride in. The realm of online business has always been my livelihood, initially for myself and later for my family.

I launched this blog in 2009, five years into my digital marketing career. Initially, MadIMMarketing served as a platform for reviewing various marketing courses. Over time, I aspired to turn it into a comprehensive resource for online marketers, packed with valuable information and insights. Unfortunately, between 2010 and 2023, I was unable to devote substantial time to the blog, managing only sporadic efforts to revamp it.

In 2024, to celebrate my 20th anniversary in the business, I’ve decided to breathe new life into the blog. Welcome to MadIMMarketing, helping you make and save money since 2009.

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