November 2011


This post is a guest post by Joe Lyons

If you think about your brand for a moment, what comes to mind? Do you see your company logo? Perhaps you envision the color scheme you’ve printed on your business cards or the imagery on your website. Maybe you have a catchy jingle or a mascot of some kind.

While these are undeniably important elements of branding any business, the essence of effective branding goes even deeper. It all comes down to this:

This post is a guest post by Dr.Mani

Permission email marketing has been the default style of many savvy online marketers for close to a decade now. But there are still some proponents who feel there is little to be gained from permission marketing. These are typically experts at non-Web marketing channels like print, TV and radio, medial channels that are traditionally not attuned to seeking permission from prospects.

This post is guest post by Roman

Vimeo doesn’t stop experiencing explosive growth in online world especially the service Vimeo views which serves to gain as many views as you need for the promotion of your video.

Positioning a community of professional creators of high-quality video Vimeo is a leading limited liability company in the field of video-sharing industry. Vimeo’s contacts are free from commercialism. You are not allowed to upload anything not created by the user. It’s a community of positive people who really respect the videos you make. Vimeo offers you two kinds of options. The free option comprises one HD video a week, 500MB of upload space per week and other staff. The Vimeo Plus account, $59.95 a year, nets you 5GB per week.

This post is a guest post by Nan Gibbons

Social media is the hub for all things — well — social.

If you’ve seen the movie The Social Network, you might remember the segment where Zuckerberg first pitches the idea of The Facebook. He rants that he wants to take the entire social experience of college and put it online.