December 2009


Magic Bullet System

Magic Bullet System is a CPA training course and software from the guys who have made 100k in one day and are making about 14k per day consistently from CPA marketing, Amish Shah and Jay Styles. Why does it matter who is making what and why am I even writing this? The reason is because it shows the potential of this marketing method.

TAP Profit FunnelTAP Profit Funnel – a Twitter system, but it’s not about getting thousands of followers and doing nothing else. TAP is a real, proven and simple system created from an affiliate perspective, with the assistance of SMO experts. The course covers Twitter, IM, networks, selecting and promoting offers, calculating conversions, creative copy writing, and so on. It’s easy to learn and implement.

It’s a given to talk about keyword match types in PPC (especially Adwords), but very few people seem to talk about the meaning of keyword match types in SEO. I want to do exactly that, because it’s just as important. In PPC, manipulating the match types is an important strategy that can save your budget, perfect the CTR and quality score, and even increase the conversions (by focusing on more targeted keywords).

But what does keyword match type have to do with SEO? A random introduction to search engine optimization tells us to look up the traffic numbers in a keyword tool regardless of the match type (it’s broad by default) and use it as a guide. More attention is drawn to the competition, however, even though in SEO we don’t pay per click, we spend long hours optimizing our pages and building links. That’s an investment to be regarded as such!

CB Fortune is a business in a box based on promoting Clickbank products. But it’s not just another PLR product, it is very similar to Clickbank Pirate.

The idea is to provide Internet marketers (usually beginners) with all the promotional material needed to create attractive affiliate offers. In other words to do more than most vendors provide for their affiliates (especially beginners).