5 Reasons to Self Host Your Affiliate Blog

Lots of beginning affiliate marketers are attracted to free online blogs like WordPress.com and Blogspot because they’re so simple to set up and use. You just follow the prompts and you’re ready to add advertising links in a matter of minutes. But the truth is a self-hosted blog isn’t really any harder to set up. It’s just that the hosting companies don’t walk you through the steps like the blog platforms do. But there are several important reasons why you should self-host your money-making blog.

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Internet Marketing PLR – Use It to Your Advantage

There is a variety of Internet marketing PLR out there today. In case you are not familiar with PLR, it stands for private label rights. Simply put, it is content that has been written by someone else, but authorship can be claimed by the person using it. It is perfectly ethical. Here’s how it works.

You purchase some PLR and do some editing on it. You don’t have to edit it (PLR can be used as is) but it is recommended for a couple of reasons.

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5 Powerful Ways to Gain Affiliate Website Traffic

Maximizing earnings from affiliate programs is all about engaging readers and offering unique propositions. Unlike traditional types of setups, affiliates are paid only when a specific action by a customer is performed, so at the end of the day, you as the affiliate must use a combination of ads and strong calls to action to compel customers to act.

Unfortunately, many affiliates throw ads and content into the universe without any real thought over how well they’ll engage both new and old clients. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, follow these 5 powerful ways to maximize earnings and increase affiliate marketing traffic to your site.

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How Bloggers Can Overcome the Writer’s Block?

If you are a seasoned blogger you surely have pass through some moments where you just can’t find something to write. Indeed this situation is very common to a lot of person and is commonly known as the writer’s block. Fortunately there are some small tips that exist to help you deal with this situation and this is what we will be looking at in this article.

Do not set too high standard

Be careful here. I am not saying that you should write some junk content but rather that you should not pressurize yourself to write the most beautiful piece of content. Just make sure that you write the content in order to get your creative juice flowing. You will take care of the grammar and the punctuations later.

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How to Build a Squeeze Page Even If You Are a Complete Beginner

Once you’ve learned a little bit about what a squeeze page is, it’s time to get down to business and build one for yourself! Don’t let this task seem too daunting as it’s actually not that hard.

First of all you’ll need to understand how to do some basic HTML/CSS programming and there are all sorts of different guides out there on this. I’d recommend doing a Google search for HTML tutorial and you’ll quickly learn the basics of this.

Secondly you’ll want to have your own webhosting and domain for your squeeze page. You can probably get away with hosting it on a free server however this looks a lot less unprofessional and in the end you’ll get better conversions if you host on your own server.

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