September 2009


Outsource Method VideoSuccess in business is all about scaling. And that especially is true in online business. If you can make $1,000, all it takes to make a million is to replicate the process 1,000 times. But one man can only do so much. That is why almost any successful online entrepreneur will tell you that their key to success was outsourcing.

Instant LP is a very easy to use website builder designed specifically to build landing pages to promote affiliate offers or your own products either through PPC, SEO or other promotion methods. Instant LP comes with hundreds of templates, a very easy to use WYSIWYG editor, and pre-made standard pages, such as privacy policy, terms of use, contact us pages. But despite being easy to use, it still provides advanced features for editing raw HTML…

CB Affiliate Formula 2.0 LogoCB Affiliate Formula 2.0 is a program by Andrew Fox, the first version of which was released back in 2007. It had a course with video tutorials on affiliate marketing using Clickbank, community forums, a JV pool the idea of which was to promote 2 member products a month, product testing section where Andrew’s tested affiliated offers were listed, training from mentors.

Adwords ReinventedAdwords Reinvented is a video course on making money with Adwords and CPA offers. It teaches how to quickly test offers with direct-linking, how to set up profitable campaigns, how to create slap-proof landing pages, how to monetize the offers beyond the affiliate commission and how to automate everything.