June 2010


Illustration: Fountain PenI don’t consider myself an expert in copywriting, but I do know a thing or two when it comes to writing a copy that should convert readers to action takers, and that seems to work for me at least to get people to subscribe to my email lists at a decent rate, so I figure it does work.

Below are the most important copywriting tips that I try to always implement.

This post is a guest post by Frank Lee.

So, you’ve got a great blog with a top-notch design brimming with excellent content. You take a peek at your traffic stats and you see that you haven’t gained as many visitors as you would have liked, maybe it even dipped down a bit. While taking the ‘you write it and they will come’ approach looks good on paper, in the real world you have to face the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, all competing to be read. Don’t be discouraged though, I’ve been through that as well but with a bit of Web 2.0 elbow grease and some solid web marketing techniques, you will see your traffic rise up slowly but steadily over time. So get your writing game on and let’s get started!

This post is a guest post by Darrell.

The biggest problem today is finding new and effective ways to get back links to rank your website on page 1. Most of us know the power of article marketing and yes, you should continue to utilize that as part of your overall link building strategy. Many know about the power to leverage our time and productivity using software like, an article rewriter. But, are there untapped back linking strategies that many main stream internet marketers don’t use? Read on to discover 3 additional and powerful ways to get more seo link juice.