March 2011


This post is a guest post by Matt Poc

Lots of people think it’s harder to make money online today than it was 5 years ago. But the reality is it’s much easier to build an online business today than it was several years before… Many people think that there is too much competition, but they don’t think about the number of people coming to the world of internet everyday!

#1 reason­ – there are more and more opportunities

If you are new to internet marketing there is a huge chance that you’re suffering from information overload. That’s not good, but the fact is there is more information available today. Yes, some information is rubbish, but some is great.

This post is a guest post by Daniel Cassady

Adding video to your affiliate marketing newsletter is one of the hottest trends in email marketing this year. Think about it. Videos are extremely cost-effective and all you need is a camera, some video editing software (which you can get for free), and a few spare hours.

An entertaining, informative video that puts you and your affiliate products in the spotlight may be all you need to turn prospective clients into repeat customers. Videos grab the audience’s attention in a way that clever copy and fancy photos can’t, so here are a few things to consider when creating your own marketing videos.