CPA Arbitrage Review

CPA (Cost per Action) marketing has a big potential. First of all, to earn the commission, you don’t necessarily have to sell anything, a simple signup with an e-mail can pay you. Secondly, there’s no such thing as refunds in CPA marketing. Once you refer a person to enter their personal information and get a commission for that, that money is yours.

To better understand the science behind CPA networks and CPA marketing, Chris Cobb has created CPA Arbitrage. It introduces the student to the world of CPA, teaches the methods to get traffic specifically for the CPA offers and how to generate those leads for which you get paid for.

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AffiloBlueprint Review

AffiloBlueprint opens the doors again, for anyone who wants to learn how to build affiliate business from scratch, that’s good news.

It’s hard not to turn this review into a praise, but I’ll try. You see, when it comes to teaching people how to do affiliate business and Internet marketing over all, Mark Ling is the guy. This industry has never ever seen before that a guy starts from scratch in front of live audience to create an affiliate website and turn it into a $500/week business. The video of that event is available in AffiloBlueprint.

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Exit Splash Review

If you have tried to sell anything online, your own stuff or as an affiliate, you know how important is to convert your traffic. That especially applies if you’re paying for the traffic. Every single visit is important as it may result in a sale.

Many visitors come to your site and read it, they may or may not like what you are offering them, and they may leave your site without buying. But have you ever wondered how much of a push did they need to buy your stuff? Maybe a little tip would have been enough, maybe you’d not buy with a gun in their face.

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PPC Ninja Review

There’s free traffic and paid traffic. Either has its advantages and disadvantages. To get free traffic, you have to put a lot of effort and spend tons of time doing SEO (or paying money for someone to do it), with paid traffic you don’t have the burden of SEO but you have to pay for PPC.

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Hostgator Discount Coupon

This site is running on Hostgator’s dedicated server. I have this server since March 2007, so it’s been 2 years and all of my sites have never had a single second of downtime. That means an impressive 100% uptime.

I can say the same for their shared accounts as well – I’ve had their “Swamp” plan for several months before I’ve upgraded to dedicated – no problems there as well.

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eSlumdog Millionaire Review

Looks like I’m on a spree tonight. There’s another freshly released Internet marketing product that has caught my attention. And the reason why I got interested in it is this. eSlumdog Millionaire is all about unconventional traffic methods. That is, it says good bye to SEO, PPC, Web 2.0, social marketing, classifieds, you name it. Rather it focuses on how you can make others do all the work for you.

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IM Niche Formula Review

Today I’ve heard about the release of IM Niche Formula and decided to do a little review so that if you’ve also heard of it and you’re looking for more information I can give it to you.

Mark Dulisse is rather new Internet marketer, he’s around for about 1 year, but he managed to get it done. A year ago he started from nothing and he’s now teaching others how to succeed with an online business. I think he’s got a great advantage over other so called “gurus” because he can still remember what it’s like to start your business and he can convey the message better to the students. That’s why he’s only ready to accept 500 members.

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