October 2010


Member Money MagnetMember Money Magnet is the latest launch from Jack Humphrey, the man behind Backtrack SEO where he’s thought the ins and outs of search engine optimization. Jack has now turned his attention to membership sites and has created a complete blueprint for anyone who wants to make money in this area.

Content LockdownContent Lockdown is the latest release from Jared Croslow, known for his previous products such as Auto Content Cash and SEO Cockpit. The author claims to have a strong understanding of the up to date trends in internet marketing as well as the technical end of things and this is reflected in his new product.

This post is a guest post by Sebastian Brown

Cloud computing is a new method of computing. Operating within a public, or private cloud (also known as enterprise cloud) allows efficiency within the organization. Compared to traditional data management systems, a cloud reduces the cost, time and energy used. Before cloud computing was an option, an organization would have to buy equipment, find space within the office, provide cooling to the in-house hardware, and outsource IT support to install, secure and maintain the data management system. This is a large reason as to why companies and organizations have moved to a cloud computing method.