Freemium is Dead, Delete Your Lists

Signing up people for free and trying to upsell them is a model that has run its course, according to Christian Vanek, CEO of SurveyGizmo.

And while I wouldn’t entirely agree with such a broad statement it strikes a chord with me because I’ve recently deleted my list for similar reasons.

To IMers who don’t even have their own products and just peddle affiliate products it’s even more so important. Are you wasting your time and energy on the wrong things? Sure, it works if you just play the numbers game and spam the crap out of people – someone will buy something as long as you make sure you get a steady flow of fresh leads into your list. But what can you do by actually fulfilling a need and focusing on customers?

2 thoughts on “Freemium is Dead, Delete Your Lists”

  1. That’s a whole full of B.S. People like you are you just bringing the internet marketing down, instead you should tell how improve.

  2. Exactly how am I bringing the internet marketing down? By not spamming people?

    What is bringing IM down is people who think it’s just a numbers game and it’s ok to spam as long as it works.

    How to improve? Stop spamming.


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