The 4 Hour Work Week Gone Wrong

Why do people go online to create their own businesses? They all pursue the 4 hour work week, a term coined by Timothy Ferriss in his book of the same name. The idea of working just 4 hours a week to make a living is definitely a good one. To be able to spend all the time with your family, having fun or doing what you like while still being able to put food on the table is every man’s (and woman’s) dream.

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Google Terminator

Google Terminator by Chris Fox is an Internet marketing system based on new product launches in the IM niche. I know this particular method pretty well, I know it works and I also know its challenges, so it’s rather easy for me to evaluate Google Terminator.

I’ve had access to the main product and I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed. While it covers the method and has nice video tutorials, there a two big problems that make me say so.

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Single Best Way to Generate Website Traffic?

How to generate website traffic? Several years ago, there were so called “traffic generators” which were supposed to bring surges of traffic to your website with a push of a button. And the way they did that was to automatically generate thousands of pages for your site which were then supposed to be indexed by search engines and result in traffic from long tail keyword searches. Apparently that worked.

But it doesn’t work now because the search engines got “smarter” and they treat duplicate content differently. But what if those thousands of pages were unique enough for not to be grouped into segments? That’s what I decided to find out.

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