March 2010


IMeyeIM Eye is a new and very unique keyword research tool from Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton. The main difference from other keyword tools is that IMEye allows you to search keywords by criteria as opposed to searching by seed keyword.

This post is a guest post by Darrell.

If you have ever tried to make money online, then you know how difficult it can be to utilize the right keyword strategy and make money online. How do you know if your niche is profitable?

Remember, the foundation of being successful online is picking the right keyword terms. Too many people make the big mistake and try to take top level mega keywords like make money. Lets just clear this up right now before we move forward. Stop chasing big keywords when you are a newbie. You are wasting your valuable time. Enough said about that, now lets discuss some specifics on analyzing if your niche market is profitable.

9 to 5 Annihilation9 To 5 Annihilation is an interactive training course that will show you how to create a whole online business from scratch. The culmination of this course is a brand new site created by the authors during the training along with the students which will serve as a case study and real life example.

Illustration: Coins Question MarkSo you’ve built a site, you’re all excited about it, you have big hopes for it to make you a ton of money. But a day passes and you don’t make a cent. You think, “that’s OK, it’s just one day.” But as the times passes, you’re not making any money or making so little that it’s too embarrassing to write about. What went wrong?

There may be many reasons why your site is not making money and I’m gonna go through 5 reasons that I think are the most common. I’ll try to put them in order of importance.

Traffic VoodooTraffic Voodoo is a new Jeff Johnson’s training program, a course on getting traffic and converting that traffic to sales. The course consists of videos showing “over the shoulder” exactly what to do to get traffic, and live webinars answering student questions. However, the course is not for newbies as it’s rather expensive and it teaches the most advanced techniques that Jeff Johnson and his team uses.

Miracle Traffic BotMiracle Traffic Bot – do you need free traffic but don’t want to spend countless hours submitting articles, videos, bookmarking your websites? There are automated tools out there but they cost a pretty penny. Miracle Traffic Bot is a comprehensive back link and traffic getting solution that addresses both problems.