Podcasting to Build Blog Traffic

Novice bloggers frequently experience early setbacks prior to launching a website. Traffic can be disappointing. You might not make enough money to make it seem worth the time. It’s easy to become discouraged after a few disappointing months. You shouldn’t. These are pains almost every blogger deals with in the early going. It can take time to build links, establish domain authority, and attract a loyal audience.

What separates successful bloggers from the rest is the ability to make adjustments.

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5 Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Everyone wants a free, easy way to make money online from the privacy of their own home. The good news is that there really are free, easy ways to make money online. The bad news is that many of the fast online “money making opportunities you will find” are actually scams that can often cost you more money than you hoped to make.

It can sometimes be hard to find legitimate moneymaking opportunities. It can be tough to figure out what is legit and what is a scam to take your work, your money or both, but there are guides where you can find good, legitimate ways to make money from the internet.

These legitimate money making opportunities aren’t exhaustive; there truly are many more real ways to make money online than just these.

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Social Media Users Face Increased Security Risks

There are tons of social networks, and nearly everyone belongs to at least two. But increasingly, social network activity appears to put users at an increased security risk. A survey by Baracuda Networks reveals that about 13 percent of social media users have had an account hijacked—meaning, an unauthorized user logged in to their account and possibly took unapproved actions on behalf of the account owner.

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