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73 thoughts on “Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage”

  1. Think twice before buying this. I purchased it today and after spending 5 minutes turning down the upsells I got through to the members page and downloads. Once you download the app, which is not bad, you are stuck. There is nothing to back up the claims about traffic and even worse, you are left wondering what you are meant to do with the software. It talks about basics of system, which is about flipping websites, or so it seems. I mean it is simple to use, but what do you do next. No contact page to ask and even worse, they say no more training video’s till 20th Jan. Why sell something that can not make money yet, should have had full training video’s showing how to make money, not just here is my app, play around with it. I think this could be the best scam yet

  2. Thanks Callum!

    Was very confused when I got an email from a Mark Sherwood claiming he was the developer but when I googled it it seemed 2 other guys developed it.

    Really appreciate being able to find this site amongst the IM doing review sites

  3. Thank you, Callum. I was about to purchase the product today. Can you please keep updating us by posting more comments here? I am hoping that you will make money with it within 60 days. If not, get your refund. Please post more, my friend. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Calum.
    I always check new products before buying.
    Best thing to do is google “product name + review”
    I looked at someone elses site and had 6 or more
    pop ups not to leave,i hate those things!!

    If it’s to good to be true!! Don’t buy it.

  5. I refused all the upgrades as I wanted to find out more first – with the intention of seeing it was a good product to promote. Until I read the comment above from Calum I was beginning to think it was just me that had only received a very basic app.

    I think a delay of 10 days when the video stresses ‘getting you going straightaway’ is very poor.

    It is now sitting doing nothing because as far as I can see it doesn’t want to look up dot.co.uk or dot com.au addresses and that is the two areas I wanted it for!!

    Can’t really find out any more how it works as the second video promised more info but it is not available until 20th. It seriously looks like this is only designed for people buying the upgrades. Very disappointed so far in the basic program so not inclined to upgrade.

  6. Certainly seems to be completely unfinished and lacks any depth. The so-called ‘app’ does only a fraction of what is needed since all it does is look up domain name availability for .com and .net addresses. The ‘system’ itself is simple enough. You don’t need their software to do it:

    Use Google’s adwords traffic generator tool to look up domain combinations which include a local town, city or region PLUS an localised industry. EG: New York Hairdressers.

    You’re looking for a keyword combination that has a reasonable monthly search average (say 1000+ searches) and a free .com or .net domain (or whatever the most likely equivalent is in your country.) – you can check specific domains at most hosting sites. I use namecheap.

    Buy the domain and link to some hosting – preferably hosting that has free apps like wordpress. You’ll also need to set up a working email address at this point.

    Install a worpress site in your hosting area, maybe use a one of the free templates to make it look pretty.

    From here the XTA guys give no further info but I suspect it’s something like this:

    Populate the site with a bunch of articles collected from around the internet or from article sites on the industry you’ve selected (this is best done gradually over time, say one per day). This should (may?) get you good ranking in Google for the domain name keyword combination you chose.

    Also add some clickbank links pointing to loosely related products (eg hairstyling, hair care, fashion etc). Might be worth setting up a new Clickbank account so that you can show sales when they come in and simply sign over the account later.

    Keep checking your key phrase in Google and see if your site gets first page ranking.

    List the site on craigslist, ebay or other places as a ‘fully working clickbank business’ and flog it for as much as you can. Use the traffic stats, and clickbank sales as proof of it’s income potential.

    TOTAL MAN-HOURS: 6-10 hours over say a two week period
    POTENTIAL RETURNS: maybe a few hundred dollars per site, maybe a little more

    Simple. ish.

  7. thank you so much for the comment.
    i too was thinking about buying, but was waiting for a comment like yours. Someone who has purchased .

    Seams like a product that will be asking for more investment.

    Also so tried of thoes 5 or 6 popups what a pain.

  8. Received the offer from Mark Fisher, about the same application, Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage. I don’t have a slightest clue about internet marketing and I also don’t have a clue about advertising online, but I considered to buy this application for earning “easy money”. I don’t suppose this kind of application even exists?

  9. Well I think I wasted my money on it. I wrote them asking where is my down load website. I got the url address of adsby.com with my click bank log in ID. It took me to adsy website. That was not my website. His website is comfusing. Make me question that I down load the soft ware or not. He keep giving you web pages of up grades that cost more. I hve a feeling I will get no wheres with this.

  10. I purchased this with the up sell and after getting access found the whole product to be seriously misrepresented. I am kicking myself for being so stupid. Time and time again when very little is revealed upfront about what the product really is or how it works it proves to be junk. Mark Sherwood should win an Emmy for his performance! It is about site flipping and the software is hardly innovative, and has very little to do with traffic getting that I could see except for helping you find a domain that could rank well. I can do that on my own and didn’t need to spend over $250+ thank you very much.

    To add insult to injury when I requested a refund through Clickbank, I got a response from the vendor trying to swap out other products for my $250 investment along with a reminder that Clickbank has a policy that bans purchasers from their network & future purchases if you are a serial refunder. Over the years of have spend thousands on clickbank products, and have only refunded a handful, although I should have refunded alot more, because sure enough so much of what is offered does not deliver. To say I am offended is an understatement.

    Buyer Beware!

  11. Thanks for the comments Guys, after receiving in my mailbox what they promote as a personal invitation and the product only limited to 217 people, I watched the video presentation, very impressive, however, I have been burnt so many times in the past months, my cynicism clicked in, and thank god it did.

    My advice is, do yourself a favour, before you sign up to purchase any of this junk that is being sold through clickbank, scroll to the bottom of the promotional page and check out the affiliate section, if offered, and most do, this product especially offers commission on the initial $39 sale and then extra commissions for the add on sales, which is enormous.

    Common sense here is, if they have lots of affiliates and they do, just look at the list of scammers that they are proud to promote there, how then, as they promote, is this App restricted to only a small amount of people, a secret that he does’nt want to get out, WHAT BS! take a note of their affiliate names, I am sure you will recognise a lot of them as you probably have been bombarded with their junk emails in the past.

    Don’t fall for these scams!!!!!

  12. Yes, thanks to all for your comments.
    Ken, you’re so right about the privacy thing. I actually posted an e-mail stating exactly that,ie how private can it be when I received my info from one of the many who e-mail on a very consistant basis. Mark was, amazingly enough, answering each and every e-mail so I wondered what his response would be, but I find his comment to me is ‘pending’! Of all of those 273 or so people writing in to him, not one seemed to have heard him say directly….bad news is if the wrong people get their hands on this system, then nobody makes money any more (or something like that). i thought then, that since it’s impossible to prevent that from happening , it’s his way out when people get angry. As in…”well I told you that could happen and not my fault!” The other thing is that it never was his system to begin with as he stated forthrightly himself. Already the affiliates promoting this are starting to tell different stories and embellishing, if that’s possible!!

    Point taken also, Ken, on which Affiliates promote shady schemes. Disappointingly at least one whom I thought should know better!

    Also, and this may or may not be relevant, when I got my user number it was 4,048. Pretty good sales!!

  13. I ordered this product, as many here have, the other day. I have tried many things, including stuff that takes months just to set up, and I have made some money doing those methods. When I saw this, I thought it would be a nice way to implement the tools I currently use for online marketing, however I was sadly mistaken in my purchase.
    The product is a stripped down, and extremely simple tool.. You can get the same results from going to Godaddy, or any domain listing site, and simply searching domain names you yourself can think of. Then buying up the domain, and offering them as a flip etc. I’am currently demanding a refund, as their Guarantee states you can do.

    I will post again the impending headache I’m going to get from asking for a refund, I’m sure. All I can say is, the only products worth your money are ones that take a lot of work / time to make money in them. Marketing online is not a simple thing, making money in anything takes time and effort.

  14. Thanks for the heads up guys,

    The crap going around at the moment i am really getting pissed off with all the junk affiliates are putting out there, even some affiliates who promote this stuff should be ashamed or at least test this junk before they promote it, its weird because i follow one affiliate that has some awesome content and advise and i really like how he operates but he promotes this kind of stuff as well, oh well it must be all about the money,.. what happened to integrity, wouldnt it make more sense to promote a product that actually works !!

  15. I do believe I am siding with Calum. And mostly with everything he says. I don’t like the smell of this one at
    all and yes I BOUGHT THE PRODUCT. This thing where you got to hurry up and buy it or it won’t be there in 5 min. PALLEEEZE! Ditto what Calum says. Why do we want to believe these English Chaps?
    Did Dr Who have that much of an effect on us?

  16. Hi, Thank God I found this review of the traffic site. I almost plonked down the $39 USD but decided before then to run a site scam search and came across to this site, and I am glad I did.

    The only money I have made from the internet is from my own site, and a Reiki site several years back which also had links to Clickbank (in which I had a few affiliate links which paid out a commission).



  17. Hi guys ,

    Today I purchased the Extreme Traffic Arbitrage or Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage name it as you want.
    I purchased the main software of $39 , after you purchase this , you will bombarded will too many upsales and offers.

    I will give you a very very honest and genuine opinion , and I will not suggest you to got to other money making link , as all marketers does.

    My veru very first look of this program , is a HUUUUGE disappointment , all marketers who pretend they are making honest reviews , just copy and paste few lines from sales pages and pretend they have purchased the product and they suggest you , because they don’t care about you and just want to catch one sale and nothing else , I said , I will review this product for you and I will noy suggest you to go in any other link as all scammers who , drive you to other link which suggest and you find then you got from one scammer to another.

    I am a poor marketer as you and I am searching some way to make money as YOU , I am a broke marketer or trying to be a marketer as you and I don’t have money as you.

    So the first thing I will do , is to spent as less money as possible so , I will try to spend only $39 to purchase the main products , as usually of these marketers does. (After you see video clips , you see big clickbank bars , and see accounts full of cash) you just get convinced and click this ADD TO CART button , you just spent your last $39 and you are hopping (as you promised in these glossy sales pages , full of clickbank bars and cash) , you are making your order and then the first upsale appears.

    In this review I will spoil everything , because I hate all of these assholes marketers who eats innocent peoples money. After you purchase you will redirect in one website which sells one product with name:

    Xtreme Copy & Paste Roboteer , what is this?

    This is one product which cost $197 , I am broke (I didn’t post the URL here , because is illegal) , but if you arrive here after your purchase , do not purshase nothing , just open a notepad and save the url.

    If you are not borring to read a long page , which I will explain you what is about , you go at the bottom of the page and click , I am not interesting and I lose this (fantastic) opportunity and offer blah blah..

    Well this $197 product according to sales pages , claims you will make your profits x10 , here I am saying , how do I make my profits x10 , when I have never made a profit so far? my sales are 0 if I multiply 0 by 10 I have 0 again. Keep your money for now (if you have and bypass this offer)

    After that you will redirect in another upsale page.

    This offer is a service which offer you to pay one supscription $47/month and they claim thay will create a complete website for you , they will host the website for you and this site will be dynamic and you can’t do nothing , I sent an e-mail about this what do they offer here , do not purchase nothing just bypass and this offer , don’t forget to write this url in your notepad and small discription what is about , even if they will shut the side down , write the clickbank links , they shut websites , the products exist in clickbank catalogue , do not get fooled by marketing tricks marketers do. OPEN YOUR EYES don’t be morons.

    After that you wll direct to another offer (One time offer) AGAIN.

    The upgraded version of xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – Pro. WARNING do not purchase this.
    You just paid $39 for a product which needs to pay another $97 do not purchase the difference between are another $97 cost , plus some few more keywords and one adwords mechanism. Everything are the same , do not upgrade this. Bypass this offer AGAIN.

    Then you will redirect in another offer which sells the
    Xtreme Copy & Paste – Roboteer & xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – Pro together , if you fall a victim and spent seperate $197 for roboteer and $97 for upgraded version of the main software , very pity , you just fall a victim , you spent 197+97=294 and this offer is a bulk offer which contains both with just $79
    so I feel sorry if some of you was moron and purchase. If you are interesting about this purchase at $79 instead of $294 so bypass and this offer AGAIN.

    After that you will directed to one form , which ask your name , your e-mail and your telephone. Put your name and your e-mail , do not put your telephone.

    At last you are in members area.

    You will see a video clip about one free website , I bypassed it and I got directly to the main product , I just paid my money for.

    When you select to go to the main product , you will get asked to give your e-mail to identify your purchase and you will redirected in some called Extreme Traffic Arbitrage – Head Quarters.

    There is a small menu at the left , and one welcome page at the write , the welcome page is nothing than a blah blah welcome page, come here again because we have updated and keep visiting blah blah…

    The small menu to the left , is one video clip , which for me , is not worth of see it , you will spend 9:55 minutes of your life , seeing one video clips , and the guy who speaks , speaks very slow and is hard to listen him and explaing in 10 minutes , how to download the adobe air , how to install adobe air , to wait for hit to download adobe air and run this super super program.

    Ok so far so good , this super super software is a software which have only one form , which select some keywords of cities and states and another one input field which select another keyword.

    For example keyword city Brooklyn and the second keyword from one list of keywords , hotels , so you are creating 2 keywords with brooklynhotels and the program search free domains .com .net .co.uk in godaddy and show in red if are not available and in green if available.

    Nothing else , you just paid $39 to search for a domain name , which domain registars give it for free.

    The software does nothing else , doesn’t have any menus , doesn’t have any other button , I don’t know if I will make money with searching available domains.

    The main consept of this program according to the vendor is , to create one website and then find someone to sell it , he is explaing you don’t need a host service , just find a free host from blogs , or wordpress and purchase one domain for $8 and then , according to guy , he is saying you will sell your website very easy from $399 to $1000 , who moron and stupid people will purchase one website which is a free blog with one domain of $8 for $399 or even $1000.

    Also the guy sais , after 10 days , another one video clip will appear in the menu , but I paid $39 to see the videoclips now , not after 10 days , and to make money , not make domain research.

    Might the free website or the website creation service , is more worth.

    The above link is the link which direct you to purchase this product , this is not my affiliate link , is just a generic clickbank link to see what you will pay.

    The other thing , I think are not worth of your money.

    If you want to see and other products try

  18. Guys if you want to refund just send your receipt e-mail from clickbank to


    And you will wait 10 days to get refunded if you purchased from paypal.
    If you purchased with credit card you will wait less….

    I think I got scammed and I will wait a little , I have 60 days , I will wait 10 days to see what other videoclips will they add and then , I will order refund from clickbank…..

  19. Yup, I got scammed big time! I bought the package about $400.00… today I asked for all my money back and told clickbank to look into these guys because this is a real deal scam. I have also wrote to the FCC and I am going to do everything I can to have these guys investigated. These guys are also behind Auto Traffic Avalanche which is also about website flipping and it sucked, there was nothing about traffic. I have had enough.

    I have never made a post on or about a product until now, I have also removed myself from all the promoters list who send me an email about this program and contacted them telling them they should take a stand against this one.

    Thanks guys

  20. What a waste of time and money……. I have never been so disappointed and mislead in my life. Please do yourself a favor and don’t even waste your time or your money on this worthless software. First all they lure you into buying in at $39 dollars and then bombard you with hundreds of upgrades that are not even available yet and they to top it off the member site is a pure joke. I wish I could meet theses people in person because I would kick their asses. This software is a damn joke along with the how to video and the email support is non-responsive.

  21. Hey all,

    Like most IM’ers I’ve spent thousands on products and in the end you realize that if anything really worked that great they wouldn’t be selling it to you for a few bucks.

    BIG tip for the future!

    If you ever really want to know what a product is like before purchasing DON’T google “product+review” as you’ll be hit with all those who promote it.


    Google “product+upsell”..

    This is where you’ll find all those who have already purchased and are telling others about all the upsells involved. If a product’s dodgy you’ll usually find out this way.

    How do you think I found this thread?

  22. Hey Guys,

    I too was ready to purchase because of Mark Sherwood’s presentation. I thank all of you for sharing and if I were rich, I would give $39 to each of you just for sharing your insight. Believe me I will spread the word on this product “Buyer Beware”….Thank You Randy

  23. This guy Mark really sounds good plays that sucessful entrepreneur part well, sitting in his library.. I have been looking for something to really help me be able to not have to work so hard anymore I travel all day long a lot of driving and and then a lot of office paper work. Times are super tough these days used to make great money but now that my wife is gone I have to take care of the babies 1 and 4 year old and can not be out on the road like I used to. I get help but they need me there. Which is why I thought this was the lottery ticket I once dreamed of winning. I really thought that this was it. I did not buy it yet and do not think I am going to based off of what everyone is saying here. I would just like to say that I am thankful that I was able to read this page hear the news on this before I went and threw away 40 bucks. If anyone knows any other sites thay they are working with now that can produce close to 1000 a day please contact me tommy2779 @ aol.com thank you so much. God Bless to all and stay healthy………

  24. A brief update, I got a refund confirmation from Clickbank this evening …this after the vendor had changed my request for refund to technical support with an offer for a substitute product of theirs and a subtle threat that I might be banned from the Clickbank network for asking for a refund. I got to say I found the whole process dare I say diabolical and absolutely the worst way to do business.

    Rodney, I, too, thought the exact same thing about contacting the FCC, and I also have never written a negative post about a purchased product such as I’ve done here. Also am going to unsubscribe. High profile affiliates promoting this junk just verifies their sole focus is their wallets not their subscribers. Very sad indeed!

  25. I received info on this program from at least 10 affiliates. These are the same guys that jump onto every launch week after week. I have bought a number of programs over the past year most of which have not lived up to their launch hype and some I have got refunds on.

    I now only consider buying programs that have been fully explained and have been demonstrated. All this nonsense about limited copies is rubbish. There are no restrictions on the number of copies sold through Clickbank. Also all Clickbank programs must include a 60 days guarantee. That’s Clickbank rules not Mark Sherwood or any other promoter of Clickbank products.

    Clickbank will always honor it’s refund policy, so if you are not satisfied just go for a refund.

  26. I was going to buy until i saw this review site it seems to me if you want to make money YOU must build a website i’m halfway to building a wordpress website everything else seems to be a one trick wonder, a gimmick thats already outdated or pure crap i ignore the attention whore guru’s now mostly.

  27. Great information Panagiotis.ALWAYS make a note of the date you purchase a product and keep it in view.i lost out to one of these so called gurus..because 60 days passed and i forgot. And anyway..if these wankers claim to make soooooooooooo much money with their products..WHY do they need OUR cash ?

  28. I too bought into this product.. as a test. I think I’m on “hold” now as I wait for more information. It’s exactly as others have stated here.. you go through the hoops of them trying to “upgrade” you on a product that isn’t ready to go to market as it is! The upgrade is for $197. So I don’t think I’ll be upgrading anytime soon.. show me the money baby!

    There isn’t anything on this site except for an Introductory video telling you how they want to get you “up and making money quickly, today.” .. which is not the case at all. There are NO further instructions! And as for the software I can’t even open it.

    In contacting Customer Service.. no reply first round. Second round they are asking for patience as now they are saying they will be adding videos on the 17th of January. In other words, they had no business offering this product for sell now!

    I let them know that I will be writing in forums and blogs about my experiences concerning their product. Basically, negative reviews will kill them. And as far as ClickBank saying they will cut off anyone whom has too many refund requests they too can kiss my a** because, and I’ve let it be known, if they continue to offer bad, misleading, fraudulent products who the hell will want to buy from them anyhow?

    I’m also testing Auto Traffic Hijack and so far, the same thing is happening!! Put on hold until they get their act together. We’ll see, stay tune. If either of these work out as promised I’ll tell you, if not, I’ll tell you. And if ClickBank has a problem with it maybe they shouldn’t be in business either. Because the fact is, they screw me and I will, and can, take legal action.

    My objective is fo find programs that actually work and to uncover the frauds.. let the game begin!

  29. PS: I’m emailing this review URL to the folks at XTA… they better get on the ball and be offering a real product or I’ll shut them down at the gate!

  30. Hi,

    I Too want to THANK everybody for their reviews and opinions. I almost bought this program
    before I found this site. I had my share of let downs. Many of them.

  31. I appreciate people taking the time to let others know about their experience with this. I was tempted but noticed one marketer, who I have always thought was straight up. was offering nice bonuses if you purchased through his link. Then I noticed it said, sneakily, that you had to buy the upgrades offers. That rang a red bell. I am unsubscribing from his list and any others promoting this because it’s obvious they are not actually using the product.

    Thanks again to all of you!

  32. I really wish i saw these reviews before i ordered that crap all of those upsellings and then unnecessarry garbage I suggest you guys join wealthy affiliate they are the truth and you learn what you need to i just was trying to get there faster, im including this link to clickbank they should remove that product.

  33. I have to say i was n am very disappointed bout all of these scams ongoing on poor people like my self n u guys. Some serious action does need to be taked to stop these scammers.
    Most of everyone that comes into these types of sites n info is cause there looking for other means of income that is legit and money making, because we don’t have enough money obviosely….

  34. Ahh Hell, I fell for it. I have never left a bad review on any product. I really like the NicheProfitClassroom and have been very happy. I was referred to this program and went forward based on a trust developed through another IM company.
    Needless to say when I got to the end of all the upgrades the final product was incomplete and to set something up and be making money within 48 hours went out the door when I couldn’t find anymore video tutorials.
    I kind of went “what the…” looked around, went back to read the sales letters and finally realized I had been scammed out of nearly $300. Ahh Hell

  35. I am sorry to say I also got caught out by what can only be described as a con. The content is appalling and the software is simply a domain search tool and nothing more. I have emailed them to ask for an explanation but no response so I shall be asking for a refund but I won’t be keeping my fingers crossed. Their blurb states you can get up and running within 48 hours, that’s a laugh… this is a disgraceful claim considering the whole thing is extremely amateurish with an example of this being the actual video content and the person narrating being uncertain of what is coming next and waffling and then the software video clip showing and talking you through parts of the software that you only receive if you took the upgrade, so you have to ignore this part if you did not take it which almost cuts the clip time in half. I am very disappointed as probably like a a lot of you money is very tight particulary considering I have recently lost my job. Why do people think it is acceptable to do this to people and the person who recommended this CRAP to me will be hearing from me as soon as I have posted this?
    It is also worth mentioning that their members area will only let you post a message to their help area if you took the upgrades, what’s that all about, I emailed them but as I said I am not holding my breath, wish I could find out where they live as me and my 6’7″ and 23 stones would like to pay them a visit!
    My advice is do not be suckered in like I and others have been… shameful practice and disgraceful people
    Take care guys there are too many rogues out there all keen to take our hard earned cash…

  36. Copy and paste this link: It will take you to the ClickBank page. Click on the chat box at the bottom of the form. I received refunds within 5 min. Of course the bank won’t get confirmation for 3 to 5 days.

  37. Wow, Looks like a lot of upset people here on this post and yes ME too! All the above and some more. I bought the upgrades and I’m going to hangi on for a little while longer just to see what goes on. Here is the latest email received today.

    Hey Bryan,

    I have some great and exciting news for you.

    We’ve all been working really hard on more training videos, new features, and a bunch of other really exciting stuff.

    Here’s the schedule:

    January 17th & 18th – New training videos showing how to best build your XTA site, as well as how to make
    money from it almost overnight. We’ll turn a $8 domain name in to a $500 fast cash sale.

    January 20th – Community powered video coaching. You’ll be able to submit a question or request further help on a particular topic and get your question answered with an in-depth video response. Every week new coaching videos will be released. (This is gonna be killer!)

    January 25th – A big surprise… Do NOT miss this!!

    As you can see there is plenty of stuff planned and there is even more stuff planned for next month.

    You wont want to miss any of this stuff… Let’s make 2011 the year you make some real money online!

    Kind regards

    Mark & Team

    78 York Street, London W1H 1DP United Kingdom

    I re-watched the promotional video again cause this sounds like an exert from it. I’ll be back to keep you updated.

  38. Hey everybody thanks for the great insight and information. I have to admit the sales page was pretty convincing, but I have been taken before and am alot more cautious before purchasing anything. Although there is some good guys out there who really do wanna help, you have to really cut through alot of thorns to get to the fruit!!

    That being said, I have stumbbled across a great website that does actually have real users on many of the products out there being pitched. It is calle Imreportcard.com. I couldn’t find Xtreme on there yet because of how new it is. But has a ton of real reviews on many of the products out there.

    Good Luck to all!!

  39. I almost bought this, until I read the review and thank you all. I did hear that there is a sixty day money back guarantee. The people that did buy this email them and tell them you want your money back. Thanks again for the reviews.

  40. We’ve all heard the saying ‘ If it’s too good to be true it probably is’ and yet so many people buy these
    products that are sold cheaply and promise you a fortune.

    Think of it differently. If you had a system that with very little work made you £1,000 to £20,000
    per month, or more, would you sell it to someone for £50 – 100 . In other words, would you teach someone how to make £12,000 – £250,000 per annum for £ 100. No way.

    So if you expect these cheap systems to make you rich, realise now that they won’t.
    But if you think there may just be one tip in there that could be useful to what you already do,
    then buy it in that frame of mind. Have a look, take what you want from it and either get a refund
    or keep it for reference.

  41. Fortunately, I haven’t purchased this product but from my experience about 90% of the recent Clickbank products in the IM niche are just junk covered up with nice graphics and shiny videos. They promise you the world and deliver nothing unique or really interesting. They are just selling us dreams…. Wake up every one ! Just don’t buy those shiny objects any more…

  42. Thanks Peter & Orit for the reminders, guess we are all gonna get ‘burnt’ once in a while… no more shiny objects for me I am certainly gonna be looking under hood!

  43. i got done as well here… i’ve been online marketing for years and should have know a lot better. only because it was reccommended to me from a guru called mike litman… these guys are frauds.

    i swear the sales pitch promised to drive traffic to my affiliate links… nothing to do at all with site flipping which is what these few clicks are all about…

    urrrrghhh!!!! curse you sherwood.

  44. Well I’m back since I bought the up sell and have been waiting for the the copy and past Roboteer release and it is supposed to be today as you can see here in this post on my XTA site:

    The first Copy & Paste Roboteer release will be on January 17th

    I opened it up at 9:45 AM EST and to my surprise it isn’t up LOL (like It didn’t surprise me) so I got on XTA support which is supposed to be live chat support I typed of my dismay and waited and waited and waited so I cecked me email and I had a response waiting. (See below)

    Hello Bryan Norris!

    This is an automated response from the staff at XTA. Thank you very much for your inquiry.
    We try and respond to our support requests within 24 hours, but it may take up to 48 hours.

    We’ll send an email to you (at bryan@.com) when we update your support request.

    Alternatively, you can keep track of this conversation at just in case our email doesn’t reach you!

    Thanks again!

    Now this is in response to a product already bought and paid for !!!! Hummmmmm

    I have to tell you this will be my last post to this thread cause I’ll be asking for a full refund from Click Bank today.

    You all have a great life and Please buyer beware


  45. Hi All


    Never seen so many upsells after initial purchase – then when you have paid your money – you get a software tool that isn’t as good as a free one called Local Niche Spy. I wrote an email to them after accessing the worst web site ever and the email was as follows :

    Hi Mark / Katy

    I purchased your Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage package today

    Though to get through all your upsells was both frustrating, confusing and off putting.
    Then I went for the Xtreme Copy & Paste and the Xtreme Traffic Elite Pro at $79
    Then I went to your download area and watched the videos and dowloaded the software.
    To my disappointment that was it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No more training videos – have to wait upto 10 more days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No Copy & Paste Roboteer – have to wait till the 17th January !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In effect I have paid just sort of £80 for a piece of software thats it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why did you launch a product and go off half cock?
    2. Your software tool has only .com and .net extensions – what about .org and .co.uk and .org.uk etc
    3. The domains it pulls back then need to be checked out with a keyword tool – and the ones for manchester with a .com extension were very poor.


    1. Quickly upgrade your software Xtreme Traffic Elite Pro to include far more domain extensions including .co.uk
    Did you check out Local Niche Spy software – this was free and does a similar job and is more asthetically pleasing.
    2. In addition upgrade your software Xtreme Traffic Elite Pro to include keyword research and have a simple green, amber and red guide as to whether it is worth going after.
    3. Add your other training videos with in a day or so as what you have will be an anti climax to others buying your product as it stands at the moment.


    Hello Ian,

    We appreciate your thoughts with XTA.
    The modules and videos are designed to be released step by step, not all at once, to avoid information overload. More contents and video tutorials will be uploaded very soon in the next coming days. Some content may be released on a bi-weekly to monthly basis – this will be mentioned on the relevant page in your members area. There will also be a major video update on the 17th so please watch out for that. Plus, you will have a chance to request for a video coaching! I hope this helps. Please let me know if there’s anything else

    XTA support


  46. I too (like Bryan) purchased Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage. Yet I have waited for over a week from a response from
    these People on how I can get more Traffic to my Website, & have yet to receive a response from them. And to
    add top insult on this, I have logged onto the Website to find out where the Videos are to set up my Website,
    only to discover that they are not there. I got this on Thursday 13th January 2011 in regards to waiting for proper assistance to set up my Website, & start making ‘real’ Money:

    Hey David,

    I have some great and exciting news for you.

    We’ve all been working really hard on more training videos, new features, and a bunch of other really exciting

    Here’s the schedule:

    January 17th & 18th – New training videos showing how to best build your XTA site, as well as how to make
    money from it almost overnight. We’ll turn a $8 domain name in to a $500 fast cash sale.

    January 20th – Community powered video coaching. You’ll be able to submit a question or request further help
    on a particular topic and get your question answered with an in-depth video response. Every week new
    coaching videos will be released. (This is gonna be killer!)

    January 25th – A big surprise… Do NOT miss this!!

    As you can see there is plenty of stuff planned and there is even more stuff planned for next month.

    You wont want to miss any of this stuff… Let’s make 2011 the year you make some real money online!

    Kind regards

    Mark & Team

    78 York Street, London W1H 1DP United Kingdom

    What dispicable Customer Service, & total disregard for other individuals.
    I am gon get my full refund, & search for other ways to make ‘real’ Money online. Do let me know if anyone has
    benefited from this Traffic Software.

    Hey, did you get anything from this Traffic Software? And are you benefiting at all from any other Traffic
    Softwares? Do let me know if you get this.

  47. Just been advised my refund is on its way. When I contacted XTA I also received a standard email reply refering me to Clickbank’s rule 6 regarding serial cancellations. How dare they, I was more than happy to pay for what they said I would get and I do not remember their sales page mentioning this would be a ‘drip fed’ product but, I do however remember it suggesting I could easily be making money within 48 hours which considering what they provide is impossible!! The whole thing is extremely poor and in fact complete and utter rubbish. My advice is to stay well clear of this, spend your hard earned money elsewhere and I would also suggest taking a serious look at the person who recommended this to you it that was the case… Be safe and take care.

  48. Yes Everyone Be advised if you purchase this product, best thing to do is request a refund and unsubscribe from every marketer who sent you an email telling you that this product was a good product! The truth is if you click on the affiliate link on the bottom of the page it will show you that over 30 top marketers “gurus” are out there promoting this trash, which reminds me that they don’t care about you or your hard earned money.

    I purchased this fail product and i can tell you that the sales page is a 1000% better then the product and the members area. Everything that the guy says on the front on the sales page is a lie and scam, don’t listen to any of this crap.

    Local Search Domain names, leading into thousands of dollars per month, what a bunch of crap! I’m very disappointed that so many marketers promoted this without even getting a glimpse of the product to review if it would have been a good product, and once again it just goes to show you that they are just focused on how to get the next buck by making a sale from a product launch.

    Refund your product from clickbank asap, and I agree with Telepicker this product is utter rubbish, view my blog to read my whole vent

  49. Hi
    Glad I found you!! I’m so sick and tired of this. I’m not going to bye this XTA software, and I can only wish the people hwo did good luck and hope you make some money with it or get your refound. I in an other hand bought a product called Auto Traffic Monopoly, (with the whole uppsell :(…) That had the exakt kind of way like Panagiotis explains. And there was some other that explained that there was an other program with the same developper…I wonder if my program is on the same road here…I have recuested reeport from day 2 and waited looooong for some answer. But nothing. I did not revieve my downloads, for two of the products, and did not have access to some members area the talked about. So I have do dig a bit deeper and hopfully I can find something on it from this great site! Thank you!

  50. Just to let you guys know that I received my refund from Clickbank today. I’ve vowed never to buy crap like this again irrespective of what the flashy promo says. The “training” videos were so inept it was embarrassing. Don’t knock the British because of one slimeball, we’re not all like Mark Sherwood.

  51. After receiving this product twice with many others like it i purchased it without success I have treid to contact the party concerned with one of the emails I sent boucing back.I just hope this is not just another scam please proceed with caution as there seems to be no back up.

  52. I bought this junk and I know better to stay away from the smoke and mirrors, but it was recommended by quite a few top marketers who’s list’s I am subscribed to, and as far as mark sherwood who is the guy in the video, from what I understand has nothing to do with the product.

    In the last few days they have been rolling out a few crappie how to videos about how to set up a wordpress blog which I already have a few anyway and for those who dont know how, they can learn on youtube for free.

    Video #2 shows how to sell your blog to a local business owner by emailing them, do these guys not know the term spam.

    Today they rolled out the secret that ranked them # 2 on the first page of google, get ready to fall out of your chair because the want you to get a backlink blaster tool that costs $99.00 / month that gets you 1000 backlinks a day.

    Are these guys smoking crack? Google will knock your site right off that page for that many backlinks per day, my current blogs hold #2 and #3 spots on google and it took about 30 days which is pretty quick and only cost me $19.00 a month with traffic bug which slowly gets you your backlinks over time and looks natural.

    In my opinion, I think these two guys fell off the banana boat.

  53. Yep, it’s a scam. Starts off with not even $40 bucks and all you see are more pages to buy more, expensive products. The idea behind it, is to get gready and ”wanna have it all”. Don’t buy it or get your money back through clickbank like Kevin said:
    “Kevin Says:
    January 14th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Copy and paste this link: It will take you to the ClickBank page. Click on the chat box at the bottom of the form. I received refunds within 5 min. Of course the bank won’t get confirmation for 3 to 5 days.”

  54. I just wanted to let others know that I too fell for this con. I usually research but didn’t this time. That is how good this guy was. But after reading the comments here I submitted my request thru a live chat at ClickBank and since I paid by PayPal then I should have my refund in 48 hours. Use the link that Kevin supplied. Thanks Kevin! Also, you can file a report thru ClickBank regarding this scam.

  55. once upon a time there was a wolf who led a bunch of sheep to his home with the promise of a great feast upon their arrival..when they arrived at the wolf’s home, the sheep soon realized that they were the feast…

  56. I would like to apologise to you all for the disgraceful behaviour of a fellow Englishman. Please no not think we are all like this.

    I too did a quick purchase of this system, and an even quicker refund for all the reasons stated here.

    I was wondering if it was worth setting up a website called affiliate scams, to publicise these devils – what do we all think?

  57. Oh wow… I almost bought this as well! I actually clicked the pay now button and was told that the paypal purchase wasn’t working because I chose a CC number that was expired. I was about to click again using a newer CC, but had second thoughts and did a little research…. and boy am I glad I did!

    Someone mentioned about when asking for refunds they offer you other products instead? They did the same when I purchased one of their scam products before. Never again. Damn them all.

    @weatherwax: I think that would be a good idea. A site where all who got scammed can air out their grievances… to warn everyone about these scammers.

  58. I am from Egypt. 39$ here equals 39*5.6 = 220 pounds :-)) , which is a huge money for this piece of shit!
    Don’t every think about buying a product like this! I wasn’t much disappointed in my entire life than the 5 minutes i tried to get it to work! I even thought that may be because I am so sleepy I can’t figure it out. So I slept for about 8 hours and then i tried again in the next day and i got the same disappointment…
    I asked clickbank for a refund and I think we should report this guy there as a scammer.

  59. Oh no! I see from your messages what I was thinking was right. I spent £296.28 on this business and never even got started. Found it so confusing, nothing like what was in the video’s, gave me the impression that if I paid for the extra Elite Pro then I would not have to do much.
    Not able to get response from them either. Could not even find an easy log in page.
    Have seen the link in these postings to get refund and have just requested that.

  60. Let me first off start off by saying I’m in now way affiliated with this product. I do own it though and I just bought the generic version. The software does leave alot to be desired and the training is way below anything for someone new to start right away.
    I do have one problem though with some of the comments above. How many of you actually went out and tried it? Are you mad because you didn’t push a button and make a million dollars? You have to take action to make any product work. I’m glad I bought it having some knowledge of marketing I see the potential in it.

    Joseph’s comment makes me laugh”
    Video #2 shows how to sell your blog to a local business owner by emailing them, do these guys not know the term spam”
    Guess you skipped the part where he says PICK UP THE PHONE and call them is the best way to flip it.

    and this one ” Google will knock your site right off that page for that many backlinks per day”
    and it will come right back. This is called “over optimization” You slow down the link building and it will come back twice as strong.
    30 days is not very quick imo.. I ranked a client from page 3 to page 1 top 3 spots for highly competitive search term 4.2 million results in 2 weeks but I tend to do things fast.

    You all have a great money making business sitting in front of you and don’t even know it. Your town is full of businesses looking for you. You build the domain in there industry and get it ranked they will gladly pay you.

    I have a Oil business that is waiting to see the domain ranked 1st page and they will write a check. The tool in XTA should give you more ideas for domains.

    Now that I’m using what I know and XTA flipping sites is a BREEZE. So I would suggest trying it and using it before you bash a product or ask for ANOTHER Refund.

  61. ‘Not an Affiliate’ – what advice do you have for the cyber marketing dummies like me. Can you suggest some honest and legitimate online learning material towards affiliate marketing?

  62. Well everybody, you have put a smile on my face helping me know i have done the right thing with not buying this over rated trash. I feel for you people who have bought this but rest assured clickbank will give you a refund with no issues. I was involved with a program that Darren Gaudry sold and that just turned out to be a con, you may remember it Commission Robot!! I have been burnt too many times to mention so trying to find something on the internet that actually works is very difficult. If anyone finds a program that really works please let me know 🙂 Good luck to everyone.

  63. Hey guys I would appreciate your advice.
    I am a newbie and also have purchased the product last January 2011.
    More than 60 days have expired, but the vendor also promised that even
    if you asked for a refund, he would still give you a refund if you don’t make
    a dime using the software during the entire year.
    He called this as a double money back guaranttee.
    Question: Can I still asked for a complete refund even after the 60 days have passed?
    Thank you for your inputs and advice.

  64. Just get this product the other day. I can’t believe I just paid £30 for a limited version of a domain checker.
    Why is clickbank supporting this product, and after all this time.
    Do yourself a favour and run a mile.


  65. To Usisero1

    I think clickbank is your only hope. Or even your credit card provider might cover this.
    As for whoever sold this to us, I don’t think providing anything of value for your money was any part of the plan.
    Hope this helps. We live and learn.


  66. I have tried repeatedly to cancel my subscription to these people and all i get is –
    we will get back to you in 72 hrs or less. – C**p – Scam big style. Stilll taking
    my money.
    If i don’t get satisfaction soon there will be legal action….DO NOT GET INVOLVED


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