WP Syndicator

WP SyndicatorWP Syndicator is a plugin for WordPress than automatically syndicates content across a number of top Web 2.0 sites.

What does this mean and what can it be used for? First of all, there’s the traffic you can receive from the Web 2.0 sites by posting your content on them.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly there’s the SEO advantage from the links you get from syndicating your content to all these sites.

The process of posting the content is automated right from your WordPress blog. It’s great for any blogger of anyone who uses WP for their website.

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  1. This is definitely a cool plugin. I’ve been using this plugin for quite a while now, and proved to be effective. Your post will get indexed faster by the search engines. But my only concern is the issue of duplicate content. What’s your thought regarding this matter?


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