Why You Won’t Make Any Money Online

The current research shows that about 95% of the people who ever try to make money online, fail miserably. Why this happens? Well, in this article we are going to discus this. Hopefuly, after reading this article, you will know why so many people fail to make even a single penny online.

They study too much

Okay, the first thing is that they study too much information.

Not so long ago Jason Fladlien launched his coaching program called 6 in 6 coaching. Every person who got inside this program and paid 97 dollars for it, had to complete a survey.

There were many questions. Some of them were: “how many offers do you view per day on average”? And the average was seven. That’s a lot.

How can you make money if you review seven different offers every single day? It’s very hard.

People should stop doing it as fast as possible. Then, the second question was, “how many webinars do you attend per week? The average was 10.

How can you make money online if you spend so much time watching webinars? Even worse, at the end of each webinar there is a pitch waiting for you.

So, you will probably buy that product that they offered for you. You will study even more.

There was another very interesting fact. There were a couple questions about how much money have you spent on information products. It was a very interesting fact, because people who spend more money buying information products actually make less money online, which is crazy.

So, people who buy less products, make more money online. Is not that interesting? I think that’s very very interesting indeed, isn’t it? I think it is. So, you should stop buying information products as soon as you can.

As soon as you stop buying them, buy only those that will help you within 30 days. If it is going to help you only after ten months, you really should not buy them. Also, after you do that, buying products will not be expense, it will be investments.

They don’t take any action at all

This is another very very big thing. Why the hack do you buy information products, if you don’t take any action at all? It’s crazy, isn’t it? People buy products without any goals. When I buy information products, I always have a reason why I buy it and also, what I want to achieve from that product.

They think a “push button exists”

Folks, if you still think that a push button exists, think again!!! It does not exist. If it existed, every guru would not create products and then sell them. They would be pushing that magic button with all their twenty fingers! Why the hack should they waste their time writing sales letters, testing, creating products, hosting seminars and workshops?

3 thoughts on “Why You Won’t Make Any Money Online”

  1. Hey Matt, it’s so true what you have just told us…

    People just study so much information, but they never take action!

  2. Yes Matt, your post is ‘right on’ I’m guilty of all you say, I do study too much, take very little action, and spend a great deal of time looking for push button systems. However, now that you have brought every thing out into the open I feel a great need to change my ways. This I shall do and thanks for opening my eyes.

  3. Hi Matt,
    Wow u got me there. Yes I was like that once and only now I’m beginning to take the real action. I do study too much too, read every PDF, buying every software and not to mention abundant PLRs and I was like going in a circle. Great sharing !



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