Why Is It Much Easier To Make Money Online Today

Lots of people think it’s harder to make money online today than it was 5 years ago. But the reality is it’s much easier to build an online business today than it was several years before… Many people think that there is too much competition, but they don’t think about the number of people coming to the world of internet everyday!

#1 reason­ – there are more and more opportunities

If you are new to internet marketing there is a huge chance that you’re suffering from information overload. That’s not good, but the fact is there is more information available today. Yes, some information is rubbish, but some is great.

Now, you can make money with Facebook, Twitter and with all other crazy sites. 5 Years ago such sites even didn’t exist! Now, you can use video marketing very effectively. Just a few years you couldn’t, because people hadn’t quick internet connections. It was painful to watch videos on Youtube. Now it isn’t.

Can you see the potential? The biggest problem is to pick just one strategy that works and put that on steroids. It is the key if you want to make lots of money online. Become an expert and the competition will be lower. Continue to tweak you systems and your competition will be 0.

More and more people have internet connections

This may sound a little bit crazy. It seems that everybody has an internet connection. Yes, in USA, and Europe, but there are lots of people in Asia… Africa… South America…

If you think you can’t make money online, because there is too much competition, then you are dead wrong! A huge amount of people are coming to the world of internet and only a tiny percentage of people try to sell something…

Do you know how many products are on Clickbank (it is the biggest digital products directory in the planet)?

About 10,000, maybe even less. 20-40 products are added every day. Do you think it is a lot? If you think it’s a lot, you are wrong. Only a tiny percentage of these products sell every day. By the way, can you tell me how many people are on the planet? About 7,000,000,000.

About 2,000,000,000 of people use internet.

The ratio between the people who use internet and the people who sell digital products through Clickbank is 0.000005!!!

Okay, to be honest, people don’t sell products only using Clickbank. But as you can see, the ratio is SO low… that it would be a terrible mistake to think it’s impossible to make money online today.

There are more coaching courses and they are cheaper

5 years ago, there weren’t so many different coaching courses and they were very expensive. Now you can get a step by step system for making $10,000 per month for just $19.95… or even for free.

There are more potential partners

There are much more people making money online, what means you can build relationships with them and get them driving traffic for you, what means more money for less efforts!

It is really easier to find potential joint venture partners today. All what you need to do is go and look at blog comments, search Google, go on forums and so on.

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