Whitehat Copycat

Whitehat CopycatWhitehat Copycat is a plug ‘n’ play package consisting of the exact Copycat site blueprint, proven high converting Copycat site templates, and proven Copycat niches.

You get a working model with all necessary tools needed to setup your own Copycat sites with the exact niches you should target for fast profit.

Copycat sites are small optimized sites that simplify the earning model of big sites in macro niches (like download.com) and target for only one product. These copycat sites make it possible for people with no investment power to simulate and copy the earning model of the big sites. Here’s how it works:

  • Target a free product. Write some short copy per page or
    modify existing product copy.
  • Drive an amazing amount of traffic to your copycat sites targeted
    on these macro niches.
  • Earn from ads, Google Adsense, hot CPA, Clickbank offers etc.

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