When You Can’t Fall Any Lower (or the Clickbank Code Scam)

I wasn’t gonna write anything about Michael Jones’ latest creation called Clickbank Code but seeing hordes of affiliate zombies spamming it all over the Internet I must write a post even if it’s just for the sake of my sanity.

To cut long story short, Clickbank Code is a straight ripoff of another product released in August last year (2008), Commission Blueprint. Here’s a great video on Youtube comparing the two (don’t mind the promotion of Commission Blueprint in this one, it does a good job showing some proof nonetheless).

The story would end at that (maybe also in a law suit, hopefully) if it wasn’t for the affiliate zombies running around spamming all over the place and pushing it to the top of Clickbank’s bestsellers.

You see, it is quite common in the industry of the Internet Marketing to see same old products re-hashed and sold over and over again thus generating millions of dollars from thin air. But as long as the “gurus” re-hash their own stuff, the only ones to complain are the guillable who fall for their pitches every time. That doesn’t tell much about this industry but so be it.

Clickbank Code, however, sets a new low. Michael Jones is here to say that you don’t have to create a product to sell one and that is by stealing someone else’s work. How low can you fall? To me, this is a big moment that can have a big impact on this industry. FTC is already cracking down on bloggers endorsing products without disclosure of affiliation, I can see and want them to take a closer look at the mess that IM is becoming. Guess how many of these shysters would confront jail-time?

Millions are made in this industry overnight but at what price. Millions overnight are made dealing drugs too. No, I’m not exaggerating – criminal activities are all equally criminal. And guess what, there’s such a term as “accomplice”. Yes, dear affiliate whores, I’m talking to you. Think of the consequences of affiliating to anyone who waves a nice buck at you. If money is all you want, check your local drug dealer, he might have open positions and the money is much better there.

I’m wrapping up my rant at this point. Consider it a huge red flag for Clickbank Code if you’re considering buying it. I rest my case.

3 thoughts on “When You Can’t Fall Any Lower (or the Clickbank Code Scam)”

  1. thank you so very much for this write up. u are great! u just saved me a lot of heartache in this terrible economic crunch. ataboy! you`re da bomb!

  2. Hi there admin, you are absolutely correct.

    Its a completely useless product and a total ripoff.

    I was foolish enough to believe the salesletter and purchased it previously. Found out it was a scam (I dare to say) and fortunately I got my refund back thanks to Clickbank.

    How nice would it be if Clickbank can do some sort of product review before allowing products into their marketplace. They will be doing a great service to the community by saving people tonnes of precious time and money from all these scams.


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