Web Design For Internet Marketers

Web Design for Internet MarketersWeb Design For Internet Marketers by James Francis is a course on web design focused on Internet marketers. As the name suggests, it’s teaching how to create websites but with a focus on what matters to Internet marketers.

It’s not enough to create just any website, it has to convert visitors into buyers in order to make any money. That’s the key element that this course focuses on. Simply put, it takes the beginners by hand and shows them how to create high converting websites.

The course teaches how to create simple web pages, how to create high converting squeeze pages, sales pages, and even how to set up your membership area or a blog.

Web Design For Internet Marketers consists of step by step videos and pdf manuals taking you by hand through the entire process of building a website.

If you don’t know the first thing about creating your own website, let alone one that converts well, this is a course that might be worth looking into.

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