Wealth In A Box

This is an entry for Wealth In A Box, Internet marketing training by Jamie Lewis.

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  1. I purchased W.I.B. for $197.No sooner had I started to watch the first of 10DVD’s was I advalanged with other offers from Jamie.I ignored all until (only like a week later) I was offered a deal from his partner to get all the same DVD’s on a website for $39, personal counseling with his cellphone number for $297, and a set of the same DVD’s that I had paid $197 for for $47.So I decided to return the first set because I had an unconditional 60 day trial They refused to reply to my request for a return address until I complained through clickbank.Then they said I would get a full refund once they were returned.I returned them a verified that they recieved them through USPS tracking. They have yet to refund my money.They totaly ignor my e-mails.I am now canceling everything with them as I don’t want to do any further business with them.It looks like I will have to go through my credit card for the refund as Clickbank doesn’t seem to enforce refunds when a physical product is involved.I do not recommend this service as they are definitely in it for themselves and not their customers.


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