Viral Traffic Avalanche

Viral Traffic Avalanche by Ian Lian and Bryant Jones is a traffic generation software.

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1 thought on “Viral Traffic Avalanche”

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Lee Bullock and I purchased VTA on November 8. My income is very small but I still spent over $400 and I am very sorry that I did. Like most people I really needed that extra cash.

    I truly believe this company is a scam because after forking over my money I was unable to get to the download page because the website link was broken! I immediately e-mailed requesting support as to why I could not even download what I brought. I did not receive a reply.

    I should have known better. When it came time to pay I was only allowed to pay via VISA card as the PayPal option had somehow been shut down.

    I received confirmation e-mails of what I had brought. I tried to access my products from the links within those e-mails but they simply took me back to the beginning. After not receiving a reply three days after I spent $400, I wrote back and requested to take advantage of their 30 day no questions asked moneyback guarantee.

    I still have not received a reply. I have not been able to download the products that I paid for. I highly doubt that I will ever hear from them. They have no moneyback guarantee!

    I implore people to stay away from Viral Traffic Avalanche. It really makes you wonder how many of these companies are plain scams. This experience has made me extremely cautious. Learn from my lesson.

    Thank you,
    Lee Bullock
    Australian disability pensioner


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