Viral Submitter Pro

Viral Submitter ProViral Submitter Pro is a multi-functional content submitter that strives to be a push-button solution for traffic generation. The software automatically submits your content with your links to most common websites that you would otherwise submit manually.

Viral Submitter Pro submits to:

  • Article directories
  • Video websites
  • Press release sites
  • Ad directories (Craigslist, etc.)
  • Social media sites (Twitter, Digg, etc.)

The submission is automated and is as close to submitting content to the sites listed above on autopilot as possible.

Besides the software, the package includes video training for traffic generation.

While the main focus of the Viral Submitter Pro is getting traffic, it’s worth to mention that its link building capabilities are even more important. After all, each piece of content has your link and while not all of those links will bring you traffic, they will go towards your SEO efforts.

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