Vimeo Pro for Small Businesses

Vimeo doesn’t stop experiencing explosive growth in online world especially the service Vimeo views which serves to gain as many views as you need for the promotion of your video.

Positioning a community of professional creators of high-quality video Vimeo is a leading limited liability company in the field of video-sharing industry. Vimeo’s contacts are free from commercialism. You are not allowed to upload anything not created by the user. It’s a community of positive people who really respect the videos you make. Vimeo offers you two kinds of options. The free option comprises one HD video a week, 500MB of upload space per week and other staff. The Vimeo Plus account, $59.95 a year, nets you 5GB per week.

Vimeo still goes on building its reputation as a high quality video-sharing website. Rather lately it launched its new feature called Vimeo PRO. This feature is especially affordable for small business owners. Studies show that the consumer Internet traffic will comprise 50% of online video by the end of 2012. The reason is that watching a video has become more interactive than reading the text. If the site has both a video and a text then its visitor is sure to watch the video first.

The Internet rapidly shifts from text to video and the customers are eager to see online video everywhere for every reason.

Vimeo’s General Manager marks that via their recent feature possessing high quality video for small business owner can also be easy and affordable.

The Vimeo PRO account is separate from community. The service is priced at $199 for 50GB of storage. Additional plays in increments are also purchased.

The aim of Vimeo PRO is give small business the ability to compete with larger companies. For this reason Vimeo Pro offers such services as exceptional video quality, extensive video player customization, advanced statistics, Video review pages and some other services. So, if you are a production company you can gain more clients and many portfolios via these services.

This time Vimeo PRO gives you the chance of uploading a 5GB file with no time limits providing with HTML5 video, mobile, full tablet and TV support.

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