Tweetomatic Profiteer

Tweetomatic ProfiteerTweetomatic Profiteer is Twitter tool that will help you increase your follower list and help you monetize your followers with Clickbank offers. The application is compliant with Twitter rules so you don’t have to worry about having your account closed due to illegal activity.

Tweetomatic Profiteer has the following automation features:

  • Autofollow by keywords
  • Autofollow by Twitterer
  • Unfollow selected users
  • Schedule tweets
  • And more…

The second part of Tweetomatic Profiteer is the monetization with Clickbank. For this, a step-by-step process is introduced which you can follow to promote Clickbank offers to your followers. The software gets the most popular and latest products automatically, creates the links for you and all you have to do is schedule your customized tweets.

Also included is a manual with strategies on how to grow your followers and promote affiliate offers to them.

The software comes for a one time fee of $77.

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