Turbo Business System

Turbo Business SystemTurbo Business System is a product that solves three problems – technology, traffic and product creation.

It consists of three parts – the site builder and management software called Bazaar, traffic generation course and product creation course. The main part, however, is the Bazaar software.

In a nutshell, it provides tools to create an entire websites, including the entire sales process, product delivery and/or membership subscriptions. A big emphasis is on the sales flow editor that allows the user to create the sales flow by dragging and dropping products for up-sells, down-sells, optin forms to a tree.

Other features include page editors, payment processing integration, product setup, customer management, member area management, affiliate management and so on.

The second part, called Turbo Traffic Systems cover the most popular traffic generation methods, such as social networks, JV partners, PPC, video marketing, SEO, banner ads, and so on.

And the third part of the product called Turbo Product Creation is a full blown course that shows how to create products and how to outsource the process.

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