TriFilliate PayDay

TriFilliate PaydayNothing attracts attention better than a little mystery. For instance, I’ve just spent over an hour trying to find more information about TriFilliate PayDay by Jani G, because there’s very little known about it, other than that it’s about promoting product launches.

So how is it different from other products like that (and there are a few)? Jani G says he was able to make a very good commission by promoting Google Sniper launch and that he did it without using a list, SEO, PPC, JV partners or any paid traffic. So how on earth did he do it?

TriFilliate PayDay itself is a product that consists of lots of step by step videos (11 hours all in all), 4 PDF manuals and 4 live weekly seminars. Sounds like a well made product that should teach what it teaches well.

Back to the exact idea behind this product, even without exact details nor having the product itself yet, I want to share the results of my research about the aforementioned Google Sniper launch which is the cornerstone for TriFilliate. I didn’t have to look far but the first page for “Google Sniper” on Google to find Jani G’s YouTube video, which promotes this particular launch. The video is well done and it directs people to an affiliate site with a bonus. I have no doubt that a video with an offer like that, being on the first page of Google for the product title would bring in good commission.

So, is ¬†TriFilliate PayDay about promoting product launches through video marketing? Chances are it is, even though it’s just my opinion based on rather limited information available at this point.

Videos is still rather underused method in affiliate marketing, maybe because it’s still little known, or perhaps most affiliates are camera shy in general. There are a lot of success stories out there, though, especially when youtube is concerned.

So, if ¬†TriFilliate PayDay is really about leveraging video marketing in product launches, it’s a good twist to use especially if combined with bonuses.

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