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Traffic VoodooTraffic Voodoo is a new Jeff Johnson’s training program, a course on getting traffic and converting that traffic to sales. The course consists of videos showing “over the shoulder” exactly what to do to get traffic, and live webinars answering student questions. However, the course is not for newbies as it’s rather expensive and it teaches the most advanced techniques that Jeff Johnson and his team uses.

The course focuses on three main parts – getting traffic, building a list and converting the traffic into sales. It’s great to get traffic, but even if you get thousands of visitors per day, that doesn’t guarantee you’d make substantial money. Building a list and converting those visitors into buyers is even more important than traffic itself.

List building is worth to emphasize here. Why do you need it? Many marketers think email marketing is a sleazy way to do business online, and there are good examples why would one think this way. But a list is your biggest asset online, it’s a source not only for free traffic but for buyers as well. However it’s not a matter of just having a big list, it’s what you do with it. You don’t have to be a sleazy marketer, you can provide great value to your list and build a relationship with your loyal clients.

Back to the traffic generation techniques, Traffic Voodoo covers SEO, social media, video marketing, PPC, PPV, CPA and affiliate traffic. These are the most popular traffic generation techniques in general and are taught at an advanced level in this course.

On top of all training, the live webinars will serve as clarification on your feedback – the biggest questions and struggles that appear during the course addressed and explained.

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4 thoughts on “Traffic Voodoo”

  1. Hi

    Ive been following Jeffs Videos and instructions and admire the info he has shared so far.

    He may ultimately charge quite a bit for his course but hey,you get what you pay for with the guys at the top.

    We all have a choice.Take it long,slow and cheap,or pay and take what hopefully is a shortcut.

    If these Gurus? give a guarantee,how can they be accused of a scam or arip off?

    Its only a rip off/scam if they don’t refund.

    Thanks for the opportunity to express an opinion.

    Good luck and success.

    Regards Ray

  2. I just watched a video that was a 16 minute pre-sales pitch where Jeff “tells us his story” and providing very little in substance as to what this is.

    I think most people become weary of these “get me excited” techniques that are designed to do one thing: Get to your credit card. Else, why do it?

    It would be refreshing for someone to actually produce a product or service that will actaully make the commom person a profit. There should be no need to pre-hype something. To pre-hype something makes me suspicious that whatever it is that the person is pushing, cannot stand on it’s own.

    It seems to be a psychological ploy with a priority; and that priority is not to help others, but to help oneself.

    Pre-hyping is pre-selling. It is not pre-helping those who purchase the product or service.

    No proof of how good the product or service is required by the seller. Just show enthusiasm and you can hook a person.

    An act of faith is given by the purchaser and if things do not go as outlined in the program, then the purchaser is told he/she is doing something wrong.

    Fact of the matter is that these so-called Gurus help each other out. They all already have large mailing lists to market to. It is easy for them. Any of them at any given moment can great a product or service, give it a snappy name, create a squeeze and sales page, and tell their Guru buudies to get in on the action, and THey ALL win. They have the large mailing lists.

    The little guy or gal will lose.

    I say put their money where their mouths are. Make an act of faith to me to prove to me how sincere your program or service is. Provided it to me and I will provide an honest critique of it before credit cards are whipped out. Don’t you guys believe in your product or service? Prove it.

    Watch your credit cards folks, here comes another one claiming to “finally” have the secret and “magic” pill.

  3. Jerome,

    Everyone who makes a product wants to make money, otherwise why even create it. And they will do everything to make as much of it as possible, whether the product can stand on its own or not. Hype included. Look at Apple and what they do with their products – prime example of hype. Whether their products can stand on their own is for you to decide, but they are hyped up like no other products in the world. They are doing it because it makes them more money than they would make without it.

    Back to this particular Jeff’s product, it’s not a software that would have a free trial. He is doing the usual launch formula with hype and all that, but he also gives some sample content from his course. That’s supposed to show you what’s in it and get you to buy.

    If it doesn’t convince you, don’t buy it. It’s very simple.

    And if you want to make money in this business, you have to watch and learn. This launch formula is the most effective business model online. Period. That’s why they all use it. If you make a really great product and let it prove itself, as you say, you will never make as much money as doing a launch.

    Or maybe you will… If you’re up to something, show them all how it’s supposed to be done. 😉

  4. Thanks for an actual review, rather than just “I’ve got a bigger bonus” “No, I’ve got a bigger bonus.” I’ve been seeing all the hype about the program, and this “launch” mania really puts me off. I believe he’s legit, but the fact that he’s not giving a clue what the program is about until you sign up for it makes it sound like a scam.

    Anyway, thanks for your review. It looks like it would be a good program for the right person, and it’s helpful to know what exactly it is.


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