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Traffic UltimatumTraffic Ultimatum – Short on traffic? Don’t know where and how to get it? George Brown has caused a lot of buzz with his last product Google Sniper and he wants to do it again. This time he will tell you everything he knows about getting traffic for your website.

Traffic Ultimatum is a comprehensive course on quite possibly all ways there are to get traffic (well, probably not all, but a lot of them). The course consists of over 35 videos and 300 pages worth of manuals, diagrams and process maps. It includes all popular traffic getting methods as well as less known ones. You will learn everything from video marketing, ppc, banner advertising (media buys), ppv (cpv) and so on.

The course consists of 13 modules each teaching different traffic getting techniques. The modules are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization – probably the most popular traffic getting method online. The course teaches everything from market research to domination search engines. How to find a market that not only has profit potential but also has easy to dominate keywords and loads of traffic. It shows a 3 step process you can follow to make money from markets you find with high certainty;
  2. Syndication Marketing – one of the most reliable traffic sources. This cover article marketing and re-purposing of content to ebooks, tutorials, guest blogging and more. The module will teach you how to write articles, where to submit them, how to do it and more;
  3. Video Marketing – a traffic method of rapidly increasing popularity but still very underused. The module will show you how to easily create videos, how to get more Youtube views, how to use video responses, how to leverage other websites that post videos, and more;
  4. Social Network Marketing – using Web 2.0 to generate traffic. The module will show you which sites to use for best results, how to create undetectable link wheels, how to leverage RSS;
  5. Social Media Marketing – how to use websites like Facebook to get thousands of free visitors. The module will also teach you how to build a list of followers and make money with Twitter, how to buy traffic from Facebook, how to get people spread links for you;
  6. Conversation Marketing – intercepting people in action (for example buying something) with your message. How to leverage high traffic blogs, how to use trackbacks, forum marketing, as well as how to quickly dominate a forum community;
  7. Buzz Marketing – getting publicity and creating excitement about your website. The module will teach you 8 secrets of using press releases, an alternative offline source for traffic, getting your website listed in newspapers and magazines, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls of this marketing method;
  8. Viral Marketing – getting people get the traffic for you (word of mouth). The module will show you the Hotmail secret which helped them get where they are. You’ll also learn about viral toolbars, quizes, and more;
  9. Integration Marketing – using other peoples’ resources. The module will show you the exact process to follow, finding JV partners, building a list;
  10. PPC – the most popular paid advertising method. This module is a complete guide for Adwords that will take you through each step of setting up, running and optimizing PPC campaigns;
  11. Contextual Advertising – using the Google Content Network and other top networks (such as Facebook, Adbrite, etc.);
  12. PPV (pay per view) – one of the latests “fads” in traffic generation, although it’s not new per se, it is only now getting picked up by the majority of Internet marketers. The module will show you how to get started in the right networks, how to get as much cheap traffic as possible, how to test and tweak PPV campaigns, and more;
  13. The final module contains advanced methods, such as outsourcing traffic generation, “Youtube buying”, big email buys and other advanced traffic getting techniques.

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  1. Traffic Ultimatum is a top notch product, as is Google Sniper. George brown releaes good stuff. I can only highly recommend both. By the way, watch out for Cb Predators, this will be perfect for Google Sniper users! Regards.


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