Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis by Mark Ling is a keyword research and competition analysis software.

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1 thought on “Traffic Travis”

  1. This software is conceptually an excellent tool. I say conceptually since it is just that as of this writing, a concept verses a functioning tool. I purchased the software on the day of release and in all of this time, have yet to have it completely functional. Approximately 2 updates per week are issued to fix one bug or another. Unfortunately, they break something else in trying to get some aspect to work correctly. About 60% of the features are functional at any given moment. I’d list what works, but unfortunately this varies with each update several times per week *sigh*. If they can ever fix the bugs, this will be an excellent investment for your business. Mark Ling is slowly but surely ruining his reputation with this product as it is today. It was not ready for release, and is still not ready. It is at best currently a beta piece of software, If you are willing to spend your coin on the hopes that all the bugs will be squashed, then purchase away. Otherwise, I would highly recommend that you wait until the software becomes stable and functional.


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