Traffic Omega

Traffic OmegaTraffic Omega by Desmond Ong and Molly Dalbec is an unconventional course on traffic generation. Rather than focusing on boring theory about SEO, PPC, PPV and other popular traffic generation methods, the course gives you step-by-step methods that you can follow to the letter to implement and get traffic for your website.

As an example of what kind of methods Traffic Omega contains, we get a sample method called “The Blog Hijacking Method” which is guest posting on established blogs. This method is usually used by bloggers to get traffic to their blogs, but it can be used to drive traffic to anything you want. The most important elements are keyword research and target market identification, and producing a unique quality article that the blogs would accept.

The method is laid down in simple step-by-step manner shows what kind of training we can expect from the complete Traffic Omega course.

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