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Traffic AnarchyTraffic Anarchy by Steven Lee Jones is a traffic generation software, and to be exact – a submitter that creates backlinks to your website to increase your search engine rankings and get more traffic from them.

One of the most common ways to generate traffic is submitting your content to article directories, web 2.0 sites and other sites. The main purpose of such submissions is to get links and increase search engine rankings, thus increasing traffic. The bigger sites also send you traffic directly to your links.

Traffic Anarchy is this kind of software and submits your articles with your links to article directories, social bookmarking sites, RSS directories, and press release sites. The only question is how does it compare to other submitters out there?

Before we get into that, it would be a good idea to look at what is a submitter and how it works in general. A submitter is a software that submits your content to various websites, and usually it does that automatically (or semi-automatically with user having to enter or confirm part of the data submitted).

There’s a whole range of sites that submitters can submit content to. The most popular are article directories, due to the fact that they are created for the purpose of hosting articles and everyone can submit to them. Then there are RSS feed directories, video sharing sites, and other Web 2.0 sites that allow their users to post their content.

Now, if you’re completely new to the Internet marketing, you might wonder why do you need to buy a submitter when you can submit content free to all the same sites? The reason is that you need to post to as many sites as possible to get as much traffic and links as possible. And every post takes time, which is what you only have 24 hours in a day. A submitter that does it automatically not only will save you time but enable you to get more links that is humanly possible while submitting manually.

There are different types of submitters too. Some only submit to article directories, some only to RSS directories, and some that submit to multiple types of sites (Traffic Anarchy can be put under this type).

And since there are a lot of submitters out there already and definitely a lot to choose from, it’s hard to come up with anything new, really. So the bottom line is, if you already have some submission software that you use, stick to it. If you’re not using any, Traffic Anarchy may be one of the options you can consider.

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4 thoughts on “Traffic Anarchy”

  1. How well does this product compare to SE Nuke? Another article submitter that does about the same thing. It also bookmarks your articles and rss feeds. Just curious as to how well this Traffic Anarchy really works????

  2. I bought this product yesterday and I am not satisfied. There are to meny error messages so you can’t get all of your content to the various sites that Traffic Anarchy promise. You get ripped of if you buy it for $37 because they (Traffic Anarchy) also sell it for $27 .

    I will be amazed if this product works but I will try it out for a couple of days and see but I don’t have any high hope for it at the moment.

  3. this is a copy cat of another product or may be the same product but the owner purshased resell rights.. I had a similar product that cost $77.00 but my computer crashed and I lost the software.. anyway this product has major issues w/error messages.. I’ve been unable to connect to sites throught the software that I have up in my browser and have signed into. that doesn’t make sense.. the only sites I’ve been able to submit to are the RSS and who knows if that really went thru… It’s easier to submit to the sites manually and save yourself the headaches of trying to get your content syndicated..

  4. I have not been able to complete any transactions with the traffic anarchy program. All of the sites I have signed up with have not been accepting my articles. Get continuous failed login messages. It is getting old. Also have not been getting any response from the help area in almost a week. Not very good customer service.


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