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This is an entry for Total Traffic Annihilation, a course on top traffic generation methods by Steven Johnson.

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18 thoughts on “Total Traffic Annihilation”

  1. I ordered the program. Remember when you went to the website and you were told GET FREE AUTOMATED Traffic. Well you do not get the automated software unless you buy into a 69 month upsell. Make sure you are ready to pay the additional monthly cost before you buy this program. I was very disappointed with what I got versus what I was being told.

  2. Feedback on course contentLen
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 04:23 Sorry guys, I’m getting sick of this. Video’s take too long to load and when they do they keep re buffering. And My plug in doesn’t work. I think this is a good course, but it’s just too frustrating.

    Len Len
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 04:24 And I can’t find the template talked about when making a website.

    Len Trish Parr
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 10:00 Very disappointed that I couldn’t download the videos to watch offline… very disappointed! Support
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 10:19 Hi Len,
    Please allow the video to fully download before playing. Also please use firefox as your browser. If you continue to have issues loading the video please check with your internet provider. Thanks!

    Total Traffic Annihilation DON
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 13:12 How do I get and use the FTP program use ask us to use to install the Total Traffic Annihilation to Word Press. The video leaves that part out. I am a newbie. Need help in this area Chad
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 13:32 Wasn’t this program described as fully automated traffic for 39.00? Well unless I am missing something it looks like I needed to buy an upgrade option for me to get traffic on autopilot. What’s up with this? Maybe I need to make a blog about not getting what I thought I was buying. Come on guys, I am so sick of not getting what is advertised. Juba
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 13:43 Hah, this is everything it said it wouldn’t be, just great. I thought it would be but wanted to give it a try… In other words, complete bullshitting from A to Z.

    Fortunately Clickbank has an awesome return policy. Chad
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 13:46 Yeah this is crap! Where is the free taffic you guys promised? I dont want my money back. I wanted automated traffic!!! Dennis E Killian
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 14:15 Very disappointed also. I installed the plugin and when I setup the campaign I get an error and it tells me to enter a number for the Error:

    * Update frequency cannot be empty or 0
    * Update frequency must be numeric

    and I do not see any place to enter this information. So the plugin is no good and will not work.
    I will be asking for a refund.

    Sorry guys you should really do your homework before you release a product to the public.

    Dennis Killian austin
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 14:21 I am going to have to agree with everyone one this. In the sales letter it said that it would automatically post to blogs, and i quote “a system that works like 500 human beings at once, at FIVE TIMES THE SPEED!” Plus they had some guy in the sales letter video that had an accent, and i haven’t heard him yet.

    This program is all kinds of SHADY!!!

    the only ones making money is you clowns!!!

    tck.tck.tck… bad form guys!!

    (expect my refund very soon) austin
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 14:27 (post so nice you had to see it twice)

    I am going to have to agree with everyone one on this. In the sales letter it said that it would automatically post to blogs, and i quote “a system that works like 500 human beings at once, at FIVE TIMES THE SPEED!” Plus they had some guy in the sales letter video that had an accent, and i haven’t heard him yet.

    Another blatant lie was that the sales letter said that it had nothing to do with tedious link building, article marketing, seo, and in fact you courses refer all those things with without showing exactly how you are supposed to make money. Your software doesn’t insert links or anything. Not very hands free or automated.

    This program is all kinds of SHADY!!!

    the only ones making money is you clowns!!!

    Off Us!

    tck.tck.tck… bad form guys!!

    (expect my refund very soon) Chad
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 14:38 Do the right thing and give us the automation software. Chad
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 14:39 Cool things is if you type in Google Total Traffic Annihilation you will find lots of site promoting this product that lets you leave comments. To all you guys that are in the same boat as me get to posting comments on this program to let people know that its bullshit! VIDEO DOWNLOADABLE
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 14:41 Please Make videos downloadable!
    It’s impossible to view at online.
    Everybody would like to watch it offline. GIVE US AUTOMATED FREE TRAFFIC
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 14:53 Please give us Automated Free Traffic you lieing assholes. Gerard
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 16:31 I am going to have to agree with everyone one on this. In the sales letter it said that it would automatically post to blogs, and a system that has such wounderful features,i knew that i would be buying ,close to the best ,or the best program yet .
    Although all the ingreadance may be there to make the cake ,its only missing water .
    Do us right guys. Chad
    Dec 9 ’10 @ 16:56 And not to mention noone is answering the support ticketing system.

  3. No surprises in the comments on here then. I won’t be buying this one. I would like to see some real proof of this software working first, not just how much money you have made selling it.
    I give you this challenge, and 10 to 1 you will not take me up on it.
    Right, I write books, yes real books, you can find the Amazon links to them on my homepage, take your pick from my books or even use one of the two I have on Clickbank and make yourself a good % at the same time, but just show me how well your software works by sending traffic to any one of my books on my amazon, just put Linda Corby after the subject books or Kindle books on there and you will find them.
    You see there are a lot of people like me out there sick to death of software that either doesn’t do what it says on the box or has hidden catches like buying an update before it does what it is advertised to do, worse still you have to buy a new domain and upload it to the domain before you can even begin to use it, which is never advertised before hand. Personally I like software that you can either download and install on your computer or arrives on a CD and then works right off your computer.
    Anyway, feel free to contact me, have a great Christmas one and all, Linda (Who has grown wise to the guru promises of pie-crust)

  4. Another Press one buttion to make Tens of Thousands whit no work.

    Why does he not just give his PIN number where I can get some cash.

    Too Good to be True

  5. Ok…..the automated software is for wordpress….it does work if you know what you are doing. You’ll need to set up your website you want to blog with at host gator it is the most user friendly. After that you can pretty much set everything up in about 10 minutes , the site I have set up is a result of tta…

  6. Just bought it and to be honest I’ve bought a lot worse. I think it’s a little misleading but all in all there’s quite a lot of practical info on offer here and most of it is stuff that genuinely works if you put the time and effort into it.

  7. All I have is bad points unfortunatly:

    1. support button doesnt work on website
    2. when I found contact details from another source and sent them an email they didnt get back in touch
    3. I never received any receipt from them so I cant even get a refund
    4. even if i want to log in i cant because the login details are with the receipt.

    You decide, but this could happen to you

  8. how am i supposed to proove that I bought the item, all that I have to show is that £20 is coming out of my bank account and going to clickbank.

  9. You’ve provided your details when you purchased (your email, name, etc.), so you can send them those details and tell them that you haven’t received the receipt. They should be able to match them in their system and send you the receipt, or issue a refund.

  10. From everything here I have to say thanks for saving me the trouble of having to get a refund for yet another POS that isn’t what is advertised.

    A lot of Clickbank marketers tend to think that an upsell list that goes on forever is the greatest thing for them. Problem is it is the worst thing for the poor schmuck customer who in 9 out of 10 times won’t ask for a refund and hence the product creator gets to keep their money!

    It would be really refreshing if a sales pitch said this is the price and it really was! No upsell, and the product worked without having to go back to college and get a programming degree to install and configure the software that won’t work anyway! Who wants to configure anything? I want to see results, everything else is BS.

    Anybody who has a product that actually works feel free to contact me, I’ll turn you on to hundreds of honest buyers looking for the real thing!

  11. Hey everyone. I used to buy all these new “Shiny Objects” but picking one strategy and learning about it is best. My site I posted is my first, didn’t know what I was doing, knew nothing about plugins, WordPress, article marketing and actually haven’t touched it in months because I’ve started different sites on other topics. It’s also not fancy, I just added stuff as I learned. Point is that this penfountain site is getting around 60 unique visitors a day now, it just took time. I’m now going to work on it again because I’m making AdSense money now, added kontera links and only with 25 articles on there. It should have hundreds of articles but I didn’t stick with it. Stick with one site, one topic, create short 500 word articles, study about keyword research and just do something everyday. Feel free to email me at scott @ if you want to know of any tools I use or if you have any questions. I’m not selling anything but this TTA sounds like WP Robot autoblogging but WP Robot I’ve used, use and like.

  12. Thank You everyone !
    I’m going to save myself time and money by not buying another to good to be true product that I will never use.
    I think It is very sad for all of you. But…. that where people are ready to go into that ” Make money Online Niche”

    Very Very Very SAD !


  13. It’s totally misleading people. Promotion had mentioned more about the software creating automatic articles. But after purchase nothing is focussed on software, instead emphasized on tedious manual process. May be the method works but its time consuming. The TTA is a total hype, to make good sell otherwise the method involves lots of manual process for which you will have to hire someone.

    Beware after purchasing lots of follow up emails will be coming, for which I have was forced to put Steven (TTA) for spam.

    The webinar was total fiasco in which the attempt was made to sell the Keyword software for $1000. Hence TTA has nothing much to give as hyped, instead more offers pour in to purchase more.

    After going through many such courses, I feel whatever the traditional method I (or we) follow is best one, and all the marketing gurus are sitting there to cash it on us.

    Some of my sites do well by default and even if some simple SEO rules are followed.



  14. One button – $37 – You don’t really need to think too much about that. Do the sums folks and you will see what is going on here. Only open to the first 300 and 300 times $37 is $11,100 and a nice pay day for you know who.

    Will it really be 300 only, will it heck? They will take whatever money is going and on the back of it try to upsell and offer hosting etc.

    It sounds like another version of Massive Passive Income which I took as a trial and yet another load of junk.

  15. Hi All

    I stumbled upon this site and I’m really grateful to encounter such honest feedback in relation to TTA and other software products. As a newbie with lots of ideas and, as yet, no website, I’m appalled by the shady sales tactics that seem to dominate the Internet Marketing world. The “forced continuity”, “false scarcity”, dodgy sales letters, and Gurus who talk about mystery men “spilling their guts” about “secret” marketing/selling loopholes all sit very uncomfortably with me. Reading this and other forums has been a real eye opener!.

    I recently came across a product called Traffic Equalizer, which was hugely hyped and when I researched it, I discovered that Google and others like Yahoo and MSN banned sites that used it. Seems Traffic Equalizer comes under the category of “black hat SEO”. There’s even software out there that will create “fake traffic” and “fake referrers”, which is definitely not ethical and possibly illegal!.

    I’d love to build a successful business online and be able to give up the predictable “9 to 5” slog but the online world seems to be infested with charlatans, many of whom like to call themselves Gurus. I genuinely want for others what I want for myself so please tell me that actually honestly does pay and that there is a lot more of *us* than there is of *them*. God bless everybody here and I wish you all a successful, healthy and prosperous 2011.

  16. This is why I lost faith in Clickbank, and it’s products. They constantly offer “too good to be true, you finally found what you are looking for, just buy this and press a button” products, and you usually end up with incomplete, or misleading products, then they offer you their “we do it all for you” option for $X monthly. Quite a few of their products follow this pattern. Sometimes when I see a offer, i’ll click the But Now button to see if it’s a ClickBank product, and if it is I just run the other way. I can’t say all of their products are garbage, but I haven’t found one yet that’s half as good as advertised. Being an affiliate marketer myself, I wouldn’t even promote their products. I just couldn’t do it with a clear consience.


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