Total Profit Plan

This is an entry for Total Profit Plan, a step by step guide and training on making money online with pre-made websites by Tom Bell.

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4 thoughts on “Total Profit Plan”

  1. I opted for the initial $1.00 trial; then came the $37.00 upsell for traffic; then a $67.00 future upsell afte 7 days. At this point, I decided to cancel, because next was a $97.00 upsell. NOW, the $67.00 upsell was clearly stated as a one-time charge BUT when the Clickbank statement came via email, it showed FUTURE PAYMENTS OF $67.00 MONTHLY> I tried to get through on the Total Profit Support site, but there was no way to cancel it, so I gave up. Then I tried Clickbank-no phone number-not even on Google. I then used the Email address shown in the customer section of the clickbank receipt. This let me file an e-mail refund request-had to make 3 different refund requests, BUT GUESS WHAT? It shows an 800 toll-free number for clickbank customer service. It is: 1-800-390-6035 7:00am to 6:pm MOUNTAIN TIME. I requested the 3 refunds via e-mail and promptly received an automated response advising refunds would be acomplished with 2 working days. Needless to say, I won’t be using TOTAL PROFIT PLAN.Hope this helps somebody else. Dee Waldrep

  2. Dee,
    Like you I signed up for this system and after paying my dollar I was immediately asked to pay $37 for addtional things that I would need. I sent a notification of wanting to cancel and I am waiting to hear from them. This system is just another scam to take money from people who, in this econmic climate are prepared to try anything to make money and other people are making money out of our lack of money.



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