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Tips on Improving Your PPC and PPV Campaigns

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This post is a guest post by John Burnside

As many of you will already be aware traffic is the bread and butter of any online business. If you have no one coming to your site then you will have no one seeing what you’re writing or what you have to sell. This is why a lot of people have turned to paid advertising like cost per view or per click so that they can be assured a lot of people will be able to see their advert. The thing with this is that now there are so many people using it that the prices are getting quite high especially in the highly populated niches. Profit margins are being squeezed and so you have to make sure your adverts are getting the most amount of click throughs from the best quality traffic.

This is where a few tips are going to come in handy. When you are writing your advert that the customer sees you need to make sure that it conveys as much information as possible without putting the customer off. This ensures that if they do click through (and cost you money) that they are more likely to buy what you have to sell. There are a few things you can do to help this along. Firstly put the price of your item in your advert. This may be a controversial one because I know you want to get them hooked on your sales pitch before telling them the price. The thing is though if the customer knows the price and then clicks through then they are much more likely to be in a buying mood because they know how much the product is even before they get hooked on the sales page. Just a note however this may be a good tactic for PPC but for pay per view it is best to let them come to the sales page before they know the price.

The next thing you have to write into your advertisement is something to get the customer excited about your product. Before advertising a product you have to find out its unique selling point or something about it that can really provide something valuable to the customer. That is what you have to fit into the title. An example for an online business product would be something like ‘this product can make you $1321 every day!’. This is a common type of theme but its what the customer is looking for. Also if you can give accurate realistic looking goals for your product then people are more likely to believe. That is why the use of numbers in an advert can be very important.

Finally you are going to need to say in 2 or 3 words how your product does what you say. This is without a doubt the hardest bit because you have the least words to use. But taking the example of the advert above say it was a way of making money using facebook something like ‘automated facebook money’ would describe where the money will be coming from (facebook) and how it does its task (automated).

Using these techniques you get the customer excited and give them information all even before they have even got to the sales page so by the time they get there they will be more maliable towards your sales pitch.

Now on to the other side of advertising campaigns, which keywords to target. Again when we are targeting keywords we want to be targeting people who are in a buying mood only and to do that we have to pick our campaign carefully. If you are picking a product to advertise which is already established and branded then this makes your job much easier. The best thing to do in this case is to target the name of the product and then put ‘buyer keywords’ around it. What I mean by the term buyer keywords is words like, buy, product, review, purchase, sale. There are many more but as you can see from these examples I simply mean words that people would type into the search engines if they were looking to purchase this product. In this way you may not get as many clicks but you can be more reassured that you are going to get people who are interested in buying that product.

If you are advertising a new product or one which hasn’t created a large brand name yet then you are going to have to target broader keywords but still include buyer keywords in there. People will pay a premium to get the top keywords but if you don’t have a top end budget then you are going to have to be cleverer and get hold of the best long tailed keywords you can.

This was a guest post by John Burnside from money in minutes if you would like to learn more about ways to make money online then please visit my blog.

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