The Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Forums

Illustration: Forum Affiliate marketing can be an exciting but daunting endeavor. It helps to be able to chat with people who have had success and know what you’re going through. Forums are a great place to learn something new and commiserate with fellow marketers. Below we compare seven of the most popular affiliate marketing forums. Most have similar topics in a broad sense, but the focus and tone of each forum varies. Registration for all the forums listed is free.

5 Star Affiliate Program

Topics Covered:  There are four distinct forums: the Affiliate Forum; SEO, Blogging & Internet Marketing Forums; Your 5 Star Community; and the Marketplace.  Topics covered include program news, networks, webmaster tools, industry news and events, manager discussions, inspiration and motivation, and adware, spyware, and cookie issues. There is also a thread for newbies as well as a spotlight thread for 5 Star staff and moderators.  Additionally, RSS marketing and general internet issues are covered.

Benefits:  If you are new to affiliate marketing, the Newbie Affiliate Forum is an extensive and friendly resource. The 5 Star Affiliate Program forums overall comprise a comprehensive resource that is well organized and easy to navigate.

ABCs Plus

Topics Covered:  There are nine public forums plus one private forum for use “by specific working groups.” The forum topics cover a broad range of subjects but generally break down into discussions for affiliates, merchants, blogging, creative marketing and podcasting. Additionally, there are discussions for best resources, newbies, photography and off topic subjects.

Benefits:  Affiliates and merchants can come together and network in one place. ABCs Plus is also a great site for those who want to learn more about affiliate marketing as it provides a list of useful resources. Of the seven sites listed here, ABCs Plus is the only forum including discussions on photography and podcasting.

A Best Web

Topics Covered:  Seven different forums offer a wealth of information. Forums include Affiliate Marketing News and Events, Affiliate Lounge, A Best Web Affiliate Academy, Networks and Merchants, Outsourced Program Managers, Affiliate Manager Forums and Industry Tools & Services.

Benefits:  With over 65,000 members, A Best Web is the world’s largest affiliate marketing forum. The site is truly comprehensive, including a listing of affiliate tax laws by state. The Affiliate Academy is a fantastic resource for those new to the affiliate marketing industry. Besides being an incredible resource, A Best Web also has a strong sense of community among its members.

Affiliate Summit

Topics Covered:  There are eight different forums, the highlights of which include the Online Meet Market, Affiliate Summit Info., Networks, Outsourced Program Managers and Agencies, and Tools and Services. The other three forums are Affiliate Summit Forum Notices, Merchants and Paid Announcements.

Benefits:  This forum is tied to the Affiliate Summit conference and because of this, it is a unique source of information for upcoming Affiliate Summit events. The forum is a great place to network as well as find information about affiliate marketing in general.

Search Engine Watch

Topics Covered:  Four forums cover a lot of ground including Search Engines & Directories, Search Engine Marketing Strategies, General Search Issues and a Member’s Lounge.

Benefits:  Don’t let the name fool you. While this site isn’t for newbies, it does have rich resources that the other forums do not. The Search Engine Watch forum is a goldmine of SEO, SEM and internet marketing wisdom and best practices.

Warrior Forum

Topics Covered:  The Warrior Forum plays host to seven different forums, one of which is private and one is for off topic discussions. The other five forums discuss a myriad of topics including internet marketing, products and services, offline marketing, mobile marketing, ad networks, copywriting, Adsense, PPC, and SEO. There are also articles on internet marketing, an affiliate marketing database, contests, special offers and internet marketing product reviews. Additionally, there are support forums, joint venture forums and a forum for Plug-In Profit Site members.

Benefits:  This forum has been around for a long time and has attracted many affiliate marketing experts. The upside is being able to network with the experts and learn from their experience. The downside is that, while registration is free, some services on the site are not. However, many consider the investment worthwhile.

Wicked Fire

Topics Covered:  More loosely organized with an extremely informal tone, the discussions at Wicked Fire include a wide variety of topics such as affiliate marketing; traffic and content; email marketing; design, development and programming; hosting and domains; industry news; case studies; and affiliate managers. There are also sub-forums depending on the size and breadth of the discussion. Newbies, rules and suggestions are covered as well.

Benefits:  Not for the faint of heart, the Wicked Fire forums are young, edgy and full of attitude. (Warning: language on the site may not be suitable for all audiences.) The Buy, Sell, & Trade forum provides active members with what amounts to an open marketplace. There are also advertising services available for free that are not offered on other sites.

No matter which affiliate marketing forum you frequent, it’s always good to know that you’re not alone and support is just one message away.

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