The Secret to Online Marketing

I suppose that giving out the secret in the first line spoils the possibility of a punchline ending. However, here is the ultimate secret to making it online ­­ it’s all about focus. I’ve been self employed pretty much all of my life and I had quite a bit of life before personal computers became a necessity in everyday life.

In the 70s I was a freelance writer. In those days it was a real challenge to live paycheck to paycheck because it took a long time for print media to accept, edit, review and print your article and of course you didn’t get paid until after the article was printed.

By the 80s it was becoming a regular event for publications to close down business between printing your article and paying for. This often meant that you didn’t pay get paid. However that was then, this is now.

The point about little bit of history is that I know how to make a living off-line. The irony is that when I fell into the world of personal computers and then the delights of the Internet and the wonders that Tim Berners-Lee brought to us, I didn’t immediately make the connection between being an entrepreneur and being online.

Geekology Arises

Instead I spent my time doing the two things that I do well and trying to avoid the thousands of things that I have no idea about. These two things I do well are writing and information technology. In the last year I made a conscious decision to bring together my years of research experience and my geekology expertise and use my writing skills to bring them together.

I have a couple of dozen websites. Most of them I was using for fun or to pursue lines of thought. Then I decided that I was a little tired of ghostwriting ­­ speaking of which does anyone want to buy my ghostwriting site,

As 2011 began, I turned toward a serious exploration of my work life, my online endeavors, and my multiple websites and was surprised to discover that my geekgranny website had a page rank of two. Mind you I know this is not a large page rank but on the site that I was trying to get page ranked I only managed to bump it up to PR1. Besides I had set up geekgranny mostly as a way of sharing my computer knowledge with friends and family.

I had been neglecting it and neglecting my friends and my family because I was spending all my time ghostwriting and allowing clients to argue me into lowering my prices and a growling because I was writing all day and making less money than I would working at the local doughnut shop.

Ways of Focusing

As I began exploring the work at home opportunities online I found that I was intrigued by everything from article marketing, e-book writing, affiliate marketing, Amazon marketing, Kindle e-books, AdSense, Facebook marketing ­­ well just about any program that was out there. I am now into the third month of the year and all my research has yielded ­­ well it has yielded a lot of information on different ways to make money online ­­ but it yielded one important message. To use an old cliché you can’t ride two horses at once. In other words you have to focus. Otherwise you never finish anything.

Focus comes in many forms. You can focus on a certain generic topic, you can focus on a certain way of doing your online marketing, or you can focus on a particular way of making money online. Since one of the big buzz phrases is “multiple streams of income” saying that you have to focus may seem like a contradiction. It isn’t.

For instance in focusing on a general topic you can derive income from writing about that topic, publishing a book on that topic, having a blog on the topic to offer the latest news, offering affiliate marketing products and your own ebooks and information related to that topic, to setting up a membership site, creating a Clickbank product on that topic to providing any other kind of wisdom on that topic.

If you prefer you can focus on certain way of doing your online marketing such as creating Squidoo lenses or Hubpages or blogs that sell a certain type of product. For instance you could have 100 lenses, pages or blogs on 100 different products with each one of them making you 50 bucks a month. Do the math ­­ that’s $5,000 a month income from doing a rinse and repeat type of online marketing where you can sell everything from refrigerators to hair bands.

Or you can focus on a particular way of making money online such as being a ghostwriter, being a WordPress expert, being a graphic artist, being in SEO expert, being a webmaster ­­ you get the picture.

You Have to Work at it

The big thing about focus is that it actually requires a little bit of work. In spite of the promises that some programs offer such as making $12,000 in the next seven days, making money really does require some work. If you’re lucky it’ll be the kind of work that you like. If you’re really lucky you’ll be able to outsource some of the more tedious parts of your work. The point is that if you pick a way of making money online and allow yourself get distracted every week by the latest program that shows up in your inbox you’ll never get anywhere.

My focus is providing what I refer to as techie geek information. I’m working on my geek granny site which began showing you how to use the 2007 Word ribbon and moves on to information on how to install a PayPal button to responding to visitors questions about dealing with their online presence.

Visit me It’s a work in progress right now. I welcome your questions on all things IM related.

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  1. As written above the bottom line is you have to work hard in front of computer. it will be a challenge of your patience and intelligence. how you gonna make your website popular in a short period of time. take your time to think about the articles you are going to publish in your blog or site. Dont confuse around how many topics you wants to publish. my recommendation is not to go broaden your article topics.


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