The Roots of an Ingenious Business Idea

Have you ever heard of a business, and just thought to yourself, “How in the world did they think of that”? Or maybe you’ve been struck a couple of times with, “Why didn’t I think of that”? Sometimes, you wonder what could have given a person that idea, or how they turned that idea into a multi-million dollar company.

I remember hearing about this one site a couple of years ago. It was called the Million Dollar Homepage. Sound familiar? Alex Tew had the brilliant idea of selling pixels on his web page, displaying ads from different websites. How it worked, was people would buy a certain amount of pixels on his site, and he would display their ad in that space. At first, people laughed at this idea—that is, until they realized that he was cashing in big from this idea.

This idea that made its way from a notepad to a million dollar website was not an idea that was forced….it just came. He needed money for college, and the idea popped up in his mind as if it had been there the whole time, just waiting patiently for the perfect moment to reveal itself.

Every successful business started as just an idea. If you were to trace most businesses or products back to its roots, you would find that the idea was purely inspiration. A stay at home who wanted a little more relaxation decided to build the Wuvit, a microwavable spa pillow. A college student who saw a need for a place where students can network with each other created the biggest social network ever created.

How to Come Up with a Multi-Million Dollar Idea

Many people sit for hours on end, searching for a business idea that will make a lot of money. The truth behind generating ingenious business ideas is that you just have to let it come to you. To come up with a multi-million dollar idea, you don’t have to search the web and copycat, nor do you have to search for ideas that just make a lot of money.

You have be observational 24/7. Think about things you do on a daily basis. Creating a business should be about changing things for the better, not overflowing you wallet. Trust me, if you have a good idea and work your backside off to show your idea to the world, the money will come. The inspiration for many businesses came from tasks they don’t really like to do, like clean up dog poo or trying to keep your blanket on so you can be warm while also typing or making a phone call. Ah yes, the Snuggie—the perfect example of an ingenious business idea.

If you trace an ingenious business idea to its roots, you will find that it was just pure inspiration. Daily activities, memories, hobbies, interests—these all have the potential to become a million dollar idea. So, what’s your inspiration?

3 thoughts on “The Roots of an Ingenious Business Idea”

  1. I like the idea of sitting back and letting ideas come to you. I know that’s how it must be done too, but the question is how to recognise a good idea or a good opportunity when it arises. There are so many times when we get frustrated with things and think that there must be an easier way, but in that moment, it doesnt occur to us that solving that problem could benefit a lot of people, and make us a bunch of money.

  2. I have spent 4 long years trying to learn all about the internet business. I am very concerned about the amount of hype out there. Fast talking people who are very difficult to understand, particularly in parts of the USA. However giving back is the key once you get on top. My advice is be ethical like your customers and remember “The buck stops with you” make sure customers can contact you. Talk slowly.


  3. I agree that business ideas should come naturally. It comes down to being devoted to your mindset and delivering value. You should run a business based on what you actually enjoy doing. Successful businesses usually don’t happen overnight, and this is important to understand. Most people are always looking for a way to make the most money possible in the shortest amount of time instead of focusing on creating a long term business that delivers an abundance of knowledge.


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