The Magic Moment Of Making Your First Money Online

Lots of people are so close to start making money online…

It seems more and more people try to make money online and more and more people fail to make money online. But they are so close to that magic moment…


Do you know how a waterpump works? You have to pump it hard, until the water starts flowing, but after that it is easy. Most beginners “pump” money to the level where it is almost flowing and then they say:
“No, this is not going to work even in a period of million years, I give up!”
They stop right before the magic moment. If they continued working, they would achieve their results really fast. They just need to put a little bit more efforts.

The key is to not give up

You’ve already figured this out, yes? There will always be bad times as well as good times, but if you give up when bad times come, you will never see good times…

Do NOT give up!

Does it really worth your time and energy?

Absolutely, 100%, definitely YES!

You will be surprised how simple it is to make money online if you’re already making money… (but I don’t say it is very easy, I say it is very simple!)

So work a lot in the beginning, get up at 6am every day, don’t waste your time going out, playing video games, golf, tennis or whatever. PUT long hours in the beginning and you will be glad you did it. I guarantee it. But remember that health is more important than money, so exercise every day.

You will fail before you succeed

It is a rule. You won’t succeed if you don’t fail.

I had failed many times before I succeeded. But it was an awesome feeling when I finally started making money. I can’t describe that feeling. I even did a little dance, when I made my first sale…

I will never forget that. I have put lots of efforts and finally started seeing results.

I guarantee 100% that you will not forget the moment when you click refresh button and see a couple of sales… It’s awesome!

Everyone is expert when everything is OK

When everything is going OK, everyone is clever. But when you’re not making any money… you put long hours of work… and not seeing any results… you become desperate. It’s really not good. If you’re desperate, it’s harder to make money.

However, you can use your problems, to push yourself and work more. If you really need money you will be prepared to work hard and nothing will stop you from making money online! You would be like Robert Kiyosaki (the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, if you haven’t read that, then it is a crime!), who pays his taxes during the last day, because by doing that he figures out new creative ways of making money and pushes himself forward.

Be patient

It will take some time to build your business and start making serious money online. Push button solutions don’t exist. You have to build a real long term business.

When I started taking action, writing articles, creating products, videos, commenting on forums, blogs, recruiting affiliates, I suddenly understood why not so many people are making money online.
95% of the people who ever try to make money online don’t make even a single penny, because it is hard work in the beggining!

Don’t understand me wrong. Yes, you have to work. BUT, if you choose something that you like, you will not be working… You will just be having some fun, like I do!

You see, I really like writing, creating videos, communicating with others, helping people to make money online. I am having fun. Just find something that you enjoy doing and you will not only make more money, but you will not have to work…

If you don’t like writing, don’t write articles. If you don’t like creating videos, don’t do it. Just find what you like doing.

However, if you’re a person like me, you will find that it’s actually funny to learn how to write a 600 words article in just 20 minutes, create videos and recruit affiliates. It seems that I like everything. If that happens, then you have to pick one of these strategies randomly, because in internet marketing, it is the key to pick one strategy and put it on steroids! Almost every “guru” will tell that. Mike Filsaime said that you should pick something that you like doing, and then become the best in the world at doing that. If you know Lee McIntyre, then you know that he says very similar thing, just like many other people.

7 thoughts on “The Magic Moment Of Making Your First Money Online”

  1. And remember to focus on just one thing at the time! It is very important. If you try to do SEO, do it, if you are trying to build review sites – do only it. If you want to drive traffic using videos – do only this. Remember, you can’t ride two horses at the same time!

  2. This article is a reminder of what I’ve known all along about me: I know what to do but somehow I don’t do it enough or don’t do it right or something else prohibits me from following through to a successful outcome. So, maybe this will be the time that I do follow through and make a success of my efforts. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. The article is really motivational and encouraging , thank you.
    The most hard thing in making money on the Internet is being distracted with so much possibilities, so much marketing methods and so much “sirens’ singing” around… It really is hard to stay focused , to keep it simple and do not forget about who you are, what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. As you said, it is simple, but not easy at all.

  4. This article is really encouraging. All internet marketers have to start somewhere. Thanks Matt for the post.

  5. Hey Matt,

    It is so true about what you said…

    And that example with the waterpump is about me!

    I am creating several sites online and I am doing some SEO and I did not make any money at all for a long period of time. But, I kept doing that and you know what?

    One day the sales started coming in… I loved these moments… It was really awesome 🙂

    I think that everybody experienced these moments, when they made their first money online and did a little dance 🙂

    How about you, Matt? I’ve seen you are promoting Instant Internet Lifestyle. I am promoting the same product and it not only pays 200% commissions, but that product is awesome as well, isn’t it? Also, I have just got an email, where you promoted Traffic Dashboard and I grabbed that, because you were offering a cracking bonus package, Matt!

    And by the way, I was very surprised that you talked about “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, because that book actually changed my life. When I read that I started doing experiments and actually that’s how I got into internet marketing 🙂



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