The Internet Marketing Mindset – Are You Going To Succeed?

Internet Marketing has a very high rate of failure. It is a fact that many people who start out in this business never get past the first few weeks, and even fewer will stick with it more than a year.

Of those that do manage to stick with it for more than a year, fewer still will become truly rich from their endeavours although they may manage to make a pretty good income over time.

Is Internet Marketing any more difficult than starting a brick and mortar business down the street?

The short answer to this question is absolutely not!

In fact, starting an internet business is probably a great deal easier than starting a brick and mortar business. You’re faced with less start-up costs (usually), less overhead and the potential to gain customers is not limited by the people that happen to walk by your storefront every day or find you in the phone book.

So why do so many people fail?

So many people fail because they approach Internet Marketing and the IM world in general as a path to easy riches.

In short they have the wrong Internet Marketing Mindset. While it’s certainly true that you aren’t faced with many of the difficulties of a regular business start-up when first setting up shop online, you are faced with an entirely different and daunting set of obstacles that many people don’t consider when starting out.

But one thing remains the same for anyone who is starting a business either online or offline.


No matter what type of on-line or off-line business you pursue, self-motivation is going to be the difference between success and failure, and your level of self-motivation is largely related to your mindset about what you are trying to accomplish.

If you enter into the world of internet marketing with the mindset that you will only have to work 10 minutes a day and push a few buttons and the money will just come flowing in, then right away your self-motivation is going to be extremely limited.

Would you open up a store on the main street of your home town with the idea of only showing up to work 10 or 20 minutes a day? Obviously not, when you hear it like that it sounds ridiculous! But this is the dream that is promised to many would be successful marketers and it limits their willingness to invest time and effort right off the bat. In short it gives them a distorted mindset about the whole process of internet marketing before they ever have a chance.

But this isn’t the only thing that pollutes the internet marketer’s mindset….


Even if one starts out with the best of intentions and is willing and able to put in the hard work to make their business succeed, there is an even more evil and insidious enemy lurking…

Self-doubt can completely destroy a person’s ability to succeed. It effectively ruins the mindset of success by constantly eating away at self-motivation. If you’ve been in the IM game for any amount of time then you know exactly what I’m talking about:

“Is this ever going to work?”

“Why do my friends not understand what I’m doing?”

“Is this really the best way to be investing my time?”

And so on…

These questions will arise! It’s completely normal, but if you acknowledge the fact that they are just a normal part of being human and not let them affect your mindset for success then they will pass… and you will be successful!

Beating Self-Doubt and Keeping The Right Internet Marketing Mindset

In order to really beat self-doubt and keep your mindset positive I recommend two things. Organization and Positive Action!

Make a list of 5 simple things that you can do EVERY DAY, and do them!
Sounds simple, and it really is, but it will require a great deal of effort on your part. Keep at it and you will be rewarded, I guarantee it!

Let the negative questions come and pass, and keep taking action with a positive mindset!

To your success!

2 thoughts on “The Internet Marketing Mindset – Are You Going To Succeed?”

  1. Another aspect that many starting out in the IM world fail to do is set a firm list of goals and create a sound business strategy for themselves. Setting, working and eventually fulfilling goals are an effective way to make any business successful. For example, how many clients do you need to retain this month and how can you go about making that happen? Each long-term goal can be accomplished with hard work and the completion of several short-term goals.

  2. There reason why most of the internet marketers fail is as follows
    1. Trail and testing is required before sale.
    2. Many Affiliates don’t know where and how to start.
    3. Some don’t know how to manage their time.
    4. Important tasks are ignored.
    5. Learning new skills and understanding new technology scares some Marketers


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