The Instant Money Code

The Instant Money CodeThe Instant Money Code is a course covering all major obstacles that every Internet marketer has to face and overcome. It consists of 6 modules packed with videos, templates, scripts and software.

What are the most common obstacles an Internet marketer has to face? Especially when it comes to beginners who aren’t tech savvy, creating a website can be over their head. Even when there is software such as WordPress which makes it really easy, a completely new person wouldn’t know the first thing how to start.

But even if building a site can be overcome one way or the other, traffic is the number one problem that’s not that easy even to advanced marketers. And how about free traffic?

Add to that list building and converting the traffic to make money in first place, and we have a list of obstacles that  the Instant Money Code targets.

The modules of the Instant Money Code cover:

  1. The core Internet Marketing skills you have to master in order to succeed
  2. Marketing roadmap to success – how to get free traffic, including blogging, social networks, forum marketing, and other traffic generation methods
  3. CPA Marketing 101
  4. Flipping websites
  5. Email marketing – building a list, creating a relationship and profiting from it
  6. Making money from Clickbank product reviews.

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