The Fastest and Best Way to Make Money Online is 100% Backwards

It seems that everyone who enters the world of internet marketing wants to make money as fast as possible… preferably yesterday. They try many different latest techniques and softwares only to find out that these things don’t work. I was the same. But it is not the way to make money online, especially to make lots of money.

So how to make lots of money fast?

To make serious money online as fast as possible, you have to build a real long term business

Yeah, I know this sounds really crazy, but the true is you have to build a real long term online business. Not a short term business. Not a hobby business.

My story

You see, I was struggling for 4 months before I started making money online… It was a terrible period of time.

Here is what my daily routine looked like: I wake up in the morning at 5am, then “work” till 7:15 am, go to university, go home, work from 6pm to 9pm… And again, wake up at 5am…

Damn, that was awful! I was like a zombie. I was learning a lot and doing “something”. I was chasing every new money making technique and strategy. It was a big mistake.

The magic started happening…

However, as soon as I understood that to make money online I have to build a LONG term business, money started flowing in just after 7 days! It wasn’t lots of money, but it was enough to do a little dance… It was fantastic! Everything changed!

Well, you can make SOME money by chasing latest and greatest techniques all around the internet. But that’s not the way to make TONS of money FAST. So I suggest you to listen to my advice, and stop testing every new trick.

Okay, now you understand that to make lots of money as fast as possible, you have to build a real long term business. How build it properly?

There are two main ways to do this:

One way is to build an email list

Yeah, you probably have already heard that “money is in the list” thousand of times. And that’s true. I only can add that money is not in the size of the list, but in the response.

I know marketers with 100,000 lists who get only 200 clicks and I know marketers with 10,000 who get 1000 clicks.

One of the best ways to make money from your list is to send broadcasts with affiliate offers or put some banners linking to affiliate offers on your “confirm” and “thank you” pages.

I have seen that even advanced marketers with huge lists don’t take advantage of this strategy. They just pick a thank you page provided by their autoresponder company, but by doing that, they are leaving tons of money on the table.

Another way to build your business as fast as possible is to create your own information product

Lots of people complicate the process of creating products. But I can say that it is easy peasy lemon squeezy… All what you need to do is to get some knowledge by reading a book, articles, watching videos or listening to interviews. Then just simply make some PowerPoint slides, plug in your microphone and you’re ready to go!

You may also write an ebook. But that takes way too long, so I strongly recommend to create a video product and even more, video or audio products have a higher perceived value…

How to generate traffic?

There are tons of traffic generation strategies. You can write articles (don’t submit these to article directories, submit them to authority sites or blogs as a guest post. It works much more better), create videos, use social networks, ezine advertising, affiliates.

Revolution of writing articles

However, if you decide to write instead of creating videos or audios, then use a speech recognition software. It will make your life much more easier!

To find a speech recognition software just simply go to Google and type some keywords, or use “Windows Speech Recognition”. You will find that software in every computer with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Best strategy to generate floods of traffic

I use affiliates as my main traffic source and it works very well. Just offer them some incentives and they will agree to promote your product. Here is an example:

“Hey John, I have a product x about xxx. I give xx% commission. You can make $xxxx for xxx visitors. Here is a link to a product: link.

If you put a banner on your blog or a thank you page, I will write 5 super quality unique articles/make 4 hours of content for your membership site/write a salesletter/will create professional graphics/and so on.”

It works extremely well. It is the best way to get traffic, because if you master just this strategy, others will send you traffic using other 100 strategies… Isn’t that cool?

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  1. I think that’s the secret to internet riches. You just have to build a real long term business and take conistant action and then the results will follow.


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