The Empire Formula

The Empire FormulaThe Empire Formula by Anik Singal is not just yet another rehashed IM course, it’s a comprehensive training based on Anik Singal’s business history.

The training is expensive so it’s not gonna be for anyone, but one thing is for sure, it’s not some kind of a scam that are popular in the IM world these days. Anik Singal is a real person with a real business with real accomplishments, such as “Business Week’s 2008 Top 3 Entrepreneurs Under 25”, 2009/2010 Inc. 500 Company (#2 Fastest Growing Education Company), and others. The point is, he’s got the credentials.

The goal of the Empire Formula is to show how to start an online business, grow it and scale it based on the example of what the author did to his business since 2006.

The training is divided into several parts, each with a goal to build a business of a certain income, just like Anik did with his business over the years.

The first part is about building a $300K a year business and is free to download. It shows a plan which includes choosing a scalable niche, getting traffic, building a list, launching a product, becoming a good affiliate, establishing yourself as an expert, etc.

The rest of the training with more detail, manuals, videos, webinars is part of the entire Empire Formula course. Based on Anik’s previous products (some of which – like PPC Classroom, Affiliate Classroom – I have used personally) the quality should be top notch (as evident from his free report).

But like I said, it’s expensive so it’s not gonna be for everyone. It’s for someone who is serious about an online business, and who is able to create real products with real value, learn how to market them and how to scale their business. And it’s definitely not for those who are looking for a quick buck and think that they can find a system or a “business opportunity” that will pop out millions for them over night while they sleep.

It’s a business plan (or rather training showing how to create one) for someone willing to put hard work into it and realize that the results will only come after months (and years) of dedication.

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