The Deadbeat Super Affiliate

The Deadbeat Super AffiliateThe Deadbeat Super Affiliate by Dan Brock is essentially aimed at those online marketers out there that are earning less than $3000 per month. This product is designed to help you get your business off the ground and get you up and running.

The product was originally known as Profitzon and has been re-worked by Dan into a comprehensive course that is going to enable you start making money from affiliate marketing on Amazon (and other physical product affiliate networks). This course is different from most products out there in that the focus is not on how to sell information products as it focuses on the physical products of Amazon. You will be shown how to set up the promotional blogs, how to promote them using a variety of techniques, and you will be given the finer points on how to promote physical products to name but a few elements involved in this course.

There is also a number of interesting bonuses (such as a premium WP theme and link building software) and marketing tip bits of info that can make all the difference to your business. The idea here is to concentrate on one product until you are making some money and then to move onto another profitable product.

When it comes to promoting physical products online there is rather a lack of valuable information on the process compared to information products, so this course is a welcome second entry into the market from Dan Brock in this regard. What makes this even more interesting is that those customers that are searching for physical products are generally more targeted and qualified in their searches online and the conversion rates are generally higher.

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2 thoughts on “The Deadbeat Super Affiliate”

  1. This is a great course. Dan Brock loads his products with tons of well laid out instructional videos. Good course for those wishing to learn how to make money with Amazon.

  2. yes, it is good for totally newbies. But…it’s just video course. For those who already has a website, the information inside the course will not be new. I have bought it. Some tips were usefull but mostly, I already knew.


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