The Blueprint Project

This is an entry for The Blueprint Project – Black Edition, a video course and tools for running your own e-commerce store by Tim Godfrey & Steven Clayton.

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1 thought on “The Blueprint Project”

  1. It’s not immediately obvious by its title but this product is actually the 3rd version of Niche Blueprint. I have both of the previous versions. All in all it was a great product with well laid out videos and useful tools, and a directory of dropshippers – everything to run an ecommerce store. From what I’ve gathered on the forums this should be basically an improved course with a new version of the ecommerce software and tools.

    If this is gonna be any near the NB 1.0 and 2.0 it should be a great product once again. On a down side, I think it’s gonna be much more pricey than the previous versions.


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