The Autoresponder Code

The Autoresponder CodeThe Autoresponder Code by Tim Bekker is a course on email marketing. The course covers techniques that every marketer that uses email marketing should know.

In the Autoresponder Code you’ll learn more than 25 techniques that will increase your profits dramatically. It will show you the customization and optimization techniques to increase your optin rates, open rates, click through rates and sales, as well as lead tracking techniques.

It also shows how to set up 2-tier affiliate programs for any network (even Clickbank) without extra cost.

To sum up, the Autoresponder Code aims to shed the light on email marketing once and for all and save you money by showing the most effective techniques to use it.

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  1. I myself was not crazy about it, altho Bekker’s so-called “stripped down” version for $37 makes it much more appealing. As a newer internet marketer, I wasn’t interested in ANY of the techniques he describes, but I could be someday. I also might be just that much more technically proficient by then, which I think is required to understand and implement his techniques. I have a brief review on my blog.


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