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This is a review page for Textbook Money by Jon Shugart and Luke Sample. The launch of Textbook Money was announced by JVNotifyPro.

I would appreciate that if you know anything about the product, good or bad, please post it here in the comments.

As it is with most of the internet marketing and make money online products, they are rarely as good as the promise and extreme caution is always required.

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13 thoughts on “Textbook Money”

  1. Text Book money support although not quite a scam is a complete waste of money and very likely that you will loose money. The program is very expensive and requires many thousands of dollars in investments on books that sometimes takes months to get reimbursed on. Sometimes there is delays w books and then Amazon lowers the return value and then you loose money. Keeping up the 99$ a month just to be involved in the program is hard enough aside from the fact finding books takes hours and filiing out forms just to ship the books take much longer than the value of the book trade in. Dont even consider this program. Luke and his partner are slimy creepy people.

  2. Are you sure about this Moss? I read this and it made me doubt the program, but I’m doing it and it works…I spend no more than 2-3 hours a day searching and I get my books very fast. Amazon only takes around a week or so to inspect the books. I lost money on a trade-in, but the solution moving forward that I had was to claim the trade-in right when the book shipped. The worst that can happen when you do this is you MAY not get the book in time (almost never the case) and Amazon cancels you trade-in. All you have to do if that happens is return the book. Sure, it’s a hassle, but not too much risk there. If Amazon accepts all of my trade-ins, I’m looking at $700 profit for 5 days. 🙂 If there’s any way I can help you, let me know! I’d love to help anyone who’s having trouble with this method, cause it took me around a year to get good at retail arbitrage (I’ve been doing it for around 1 year now)

  3. I’ve been a member for a few months now. I can say that I have made a significant amount of money and so have a giant pile of members. You can see something like 200 or more video testimonials from members here:

    I’m in regular contact with a number of other members in the facebook coaching group they have and I signed up for. Here are some screenshots from the group showing how some of us are doing. GREAT community and Luke and Jon are the first and only guys I have come across that are the real deal. I’ve been trying other products for almost 4 years and this is the only one I have made money with.

    Screenshots from the FB group:

    I’d say the results speak for themselves. Def a big thumbs up on this one.

  4. This is a waste of money..Do not make this mistake..Its misrepresented and dishonest advertising…you are lucky if you make your money back
    who every tells you it works gets paid by them

  5. Hi I had purchased the textbook money program, is horrible, I watch the training, try method 1, 2 and 2.5 but nothing works.
    1.- it isn’t any deals in amazon in trade in textbooks, the ones that were a few dollars deals comparison was tangible book vs ebook. It was where it was a different price higher tangible vs cheaper or the deal for ebooks.
    2.- they don’t give you money back regardless of what they said, is a completed lie that they refund the money if you try it.
    3.- If you attend to dispute the charge they cancel but they don’t give you money back.

    Please BEWARE is a total scam, textbook money is the worse product in the market and the people that selling that product very unscrupulous.
    Scan scam scam beware

  6. It’s a complete scam. They tell you that you can cash in your gift card with them for a small fee. I tried to cash in $3600 of money and they refused to cash it out. Then they said they would cash out $500 a month and that you need to sell books online to get your money back. Complete scam. I am now fighting with them to refund a monthly charge that they took out that wasn’t authorized. I have lost thousands to this company. Please save your money. I am reporting them to every agency I can find including to BBB

  7. I bought this thing 2 weeks ago. It’s a SCAM.

    The webinar I attended was recorded from 10 months ago. Surprise … when I stated using the software that I couldn’t find any of the deals that were available 2 days earlier.

    I also found that the software was not functioning as presented in the webinar. Access to one of the book sourcing platforms does not work.

    1. They deliberately misled me by showing a recorded webinar and implying it was live.

    2. They knew the search results in the recorded webinar would be much better than any current results, but failed to provide that information.

    3. They delivered to me, software that was not functioning as outlined in the webinar.

    4. They knew the software was not functioning correctly but made no effort to advise me.

    They refuse to acknowledge their misleading and deceptive claims, or their faulty software and denied my refund request.

    Whilst the program may work at different times of the year, the promoters of this product a deceptive and cannot be trusted. Why show a 10 month old recording and indicate it’s a “LIVE” webinar.

    Stay away from this SCAM.

  8. Before I spent any money I looked online for 3 hours. There are a lot of books available on a Kindle. So far I haven’t seen any deals that I would net any money. Certainly using the software will help. I just started looking after Labor Day 2017. Guess everyone has already bought the books they’ll need ’til next semester. Is anyone buying-selling right now 9/9/2017 and finding deals?

    Thanks very much!

  9. I hate to judge, but a hunch is a hunch: I get a very “scammy” vibe from Luke Sample (if that’s his real name) aka Lambo Luke. He looks like he tries a little too hard to impress, wanting to pose in front of a Lambo. For all we know, he is a well to do valet parker who knows of a quiet corner to record haha. I felt angry and deceived to discover for myself the webinar (which I hate, they are essentially commercials you have to schedule an appointment just to see) that he claimed was live was actually just a recording. Search results are constantly subject to change, so if this was recorded, then even if the results were real, are rendered moot. The whole online “walk through” could be a manipulated recording of url’s and screenshots. If the truth about the “live” webinar alone is any indication, one can only imagine how the rest will go. The glowing reviews found here look like way too much like SHILLS, too. I have more faith in casinos than I would in luke.

  10. RUN AWAY! Seriously, this is a complete and total SCAM!

    I only wish I had done my due diligence BEFORE I purchased. A major red flag is their NO REFUND POLICY. If they were honest, they would provide a refund with no questions asked period.

    Here’s the breakdown:

    1. At the time of this post this “company” offers a *60 day double your money back guarantee (MBG). During the first 60 days. You must record your activity on a google spreadsheet and share it with support in order to be considered. The catch is what many have mentioned before:

    2. They mislead you into thinking you will find profitable searches. Consider yourself lucky if you find margines above $5 bucks on Amazon at the time of this post with their “software”.

    The “live” webinar you saw (or will see) is not current. It was made many months ago maybe even 2016. Therefore, the search results you see there are not accurate. This makes qualifying for the MBG more difficult if not impossible for those not in a position to invest thousands for textbooks during the 60 day trial.

    3. After you purchase and your account is set up you will receive a confirmation email with your sign in credentials. There is also a disclaimer that covers the MBG again, BUT it does not include the entire set of terms displayed at the time of purchase. If you follow the terms emailed to you after you purchase you WILL NOT get the MBG.

    This happened to me and I do not want anyone else misled.

    Ultimately I can say this program is a sham and can be done without their software if you really want to trade books. Check out YT for recent tips in order to get started the right way.

    “Program” cost: 997.00
    Monthly fee: $197.00

    You’ve Been Warned.

    Anyone who tells you different is likely an affiliate with this “company”.

    Be wise.

  11. This is a SCAM. I racked up over $2000 on my credit card. It went fine in the beginning, then after 3 weeks, it dried up & I would spend 4-5 hours a day looking, but there was nothing to buy. Then when I tried to get my cash, they wouldn’t do anything, said I could get $500/ month out by selling more books!! I cancelled my membership but couldn’t get any money back, then the money I did “make” was stuck in Amazon credits–which you cannot use for gift certificates, so the only way you can use the money is to spend it on Amazon. It makes me so angry–stay away–total SCAM, SCAM,SCAM!!! That Luke Sample is a liar & a scum.


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